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Su Ping packaging as a packaging form, its applications and material selection is very extensive. People often talk about Suping concern when packaging material changes are Su Ping, bottle-type changes, etc., but would like to remind everyone that, Su Ping package there is a very important role?? cap.

With Su Ping wide application in many areas, more and more caps reflect its importance, both in the beverage, dairy, or cosmetic, pharmaceutical or other industries, increasing the status of cap highlighted. Caps?? As a small part of the package, ensuring product quality and create personalized products is essential, the main function of cap two: First, seal, protective effect on the contents, which is the most caps basic functionality, but also manufacturers the most easy to do; second is aesthetics, as an integral part of the package, small caps can play the finishing point. The current material container area, we will focus on talking about the demand for the beverage industry focused on cap and cap products in the field of development.

For different beverage products, they have some common needs of caps, such as:

sealing / re-seal: seal well; protective packaging

marketing support: ease of use, promotion, improved packaging, diversification

Economy: The price is competitive anti-theft function: to prevent breaking the seal, false

blocks: high efficiency, high productivity security: food grade, non-polluting Plastic Cap pushed to the beverage packaging front, since the mid-90s of last century, the production of PET bottled Coca-Cola beverage use Plastic Cap instead of aluminum cap, which would Plastic Cap pushed to the front beverage packaging. Since then, with strength and beverage packaging businesses have imported foreign equipment manufacturers, Plastic Cap began mass production and application. Now, both light and easy to open the plastic anti-theft caps for the beverage packaging is not only convenient for consumers, but also speed up the beverage industry.

As domestic beverage business is highly competitive, many well-known beverage companies have adopted the latest production technology and equipment, which makes our system covers machinery and plastic cap production technology have reached the world advanced level. The cover, such as Gabriel (BERICAP), Sacmi (SACMl), Ao Keya (Alcoa), Husky (Husky), Demag (Demag), Nestal, Engel (Engel) and other world-renowned system of covered mechanical also have entered the country. At the same time, in plastic bottle production, plastic injection and compression molding process, the struggle begun in a big screen. Technological innovation is undoubtedly the driving force for the rapid development of Plastic Cap.

Order to better meet the needs of individual products, beverage products, packaging enterprises in the whole bottle full of kung fu. We can drink from a few years with minor indications of product packaging. Meanwhile, suppliers have also introduced a different function and form of cover. This will not only meet the demand for products, but also bring more business to the end user the opportunity to choose.

Bottle beverage products show some typical:

Sports cover Early as 1998, farmers in China, launched its spring campaign covered by water, packaged beverages, and sports caps are consciously introduced as a big selling point, so that their products quickly occupied the market, despite the current movement has been gradually built out of drinks market, but the cap for the rich family, its contributed.

Watson product design of the double cover

Watson in the July 2003 launch of distilled water and, upon listing of its new packaging will be filled with fresh eye opener for consumers. Streamlined bottle, concise fashion the unique double green packaging and bottle design, the pure “water” into a unique fashion taste with a full personal style products. This double cover of green products has become a huge selling point.

Large caliber cap PET bottles on the market generally for the caliber 28mm, in 2003, to meet the needs of adults drink, launched a large-diameter spring farmer’s fruit juice products, the aperture diameter of 38mm, accompanied by large-diameter bottle cover and packaging for the product immediately add much color, large caliber cap has been pushed to the forefront of the market.

Pull ring cover Beverage exhibition in the supermarket, a name, “I drop” fruit beverage products using a novel pull-ring cover design. You can see that a whole product, with ring-pull drinks. This product’s plastic cover is inlaid with a pull ring, so that the whole package is like a small water bottle, but also bring great convenience to consumers. As a result of the plastic lid, often attract consumers whom stopped.

Cartoon cap Gabriel wow cartoon drink, each bottle is above the image of cartoon characters, vivid. This product is priced products than your regular drink several times, but still sold well. Can be said that this product cartoon cover the marketing of products play a key role. Gabriel wow audiences of children Cartoons drinks, fresh cartoon cap, exaggerated style immediately caught the child’s eye, even if more expensive, or parents willing to make money.

To cut costs?? Short cap came into being

Beverage industry for now, in order to better reduce costs, suppliers have to focus on the PET bottle to the top. Let them become shorter bottle favorable measures in Europe, short mouth of PET bottles was first used in beer industry, and success.

2005, the Coca-Cola bottle began to focus short-PET bottles, they also want to short this bottle cap and the corresponding application in fruit juice and carbonated beverage products above. However, this application is a certain difficulty, of course, is reflected in the carbonated drinks. We all know that soda itself is the injection of carbonic acid in the drinks, making drinks taste better, but also for this reason, the packaging of carbonated drinks bottles usually 6 to 8 there is pressure, compared to ordinary fruit juice is , give mouth of the bottle and cap to bring greater pressure.

Theory is, between the mouth and the cap screw through mutual contacts sealed bottles, of course, the area between the screw and bottle the greater the degree of the better confined. But if the bottle shortened cap also shorter, and the corresponding, thread and the contact area between the mouth of the bottle, can do to reduce, so not conducive to sealing effect. So, after a complex test (such as drop test, transport test, etc.) now have