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In the bottled water market, leave the water is no longer a fresh word vocabulary, and some manufacturers even said that the development of bottled water for 10 years accompanied by fake water. Currently on the market an array of bottled water brands, consumers are spending a little bit of water loss, in the end choose which brand, what price, which has baffled many people can. How to distinguish between true and false water, water is a big threshold. This reporter learned that the lowest cost fake water, may be a barrel of fake water up to 10 yuan of profit, while the real profit of the water often only 12 yuan, the profits of such a large difference, prompted some unscrupulous traders take risks, to replace the water with false real water, sold in the market.

Security tips for all brands Wahaha The mouth plastic barrel blue oval on the security tab opened, free call 8006106315 “Beijing Food Safety project security hotline “, by from left to right, first following the order of the input code, the system will prompt the authenticity of the language. If the number does not exist, please feel free to report to the administrative department for industry and commerce.

is the only truth Using security labels, a password can be queried.

Yi Bao Consumers to rest assured that if you want to buy bottled water, Yi Bao, must be to the store to buy, buy elsewhere, this brand of bottled water are false water.

Nestle A security label, consumers can call the telephone consultation; In addition, Nestle sealed in their own barrels, the monthly will switch to a different mark, the water is true if consumers have any questions, you can contact the staff of Nestle verification.

Coca-Cola Coca-Cola bottled water, bucket sealed the bar code affixed to produce a specific time: to be specific to the year, month, day, minutes, seconds and, finally, the only production of a specific number. Every time consumers buy water, have suggested calling the company phone check to see if the batch number and time of water circulation.

a product nectar Saw security patent, barrel pull the mouth ring; 2 see bottle label, will be produced by the bottled water delivered to the consumer’s home, during which about 9 people will touch the aperture, the aperture is large a source of pollution, a nectar of the bottle label products can automatically handle bacteria, if the label has been detached, then the bucket of water may be a problem; three can call the authenticity of the security password.

Five-point comparison can avoid the holiday drink of water

About fake water, there are several vendors official told reporters on the market many brands of water have fake water, and some brands of water, or even leave the water more than the real water; However, when talking about their own brands, for fear of affecting their brand image, they have claimed, because their strict brand management, or have certain advantages in the market almost no false water. How to avoid fake

drink water? Beijing Cold Diet Goods Association, experts told reporters, first of all, to see the appearance of the bucket. Authentic appearance of barrels more transparent smooth, barrel body was uniform, pure light blue or white, no impurities, no black spots, with finger tapping Tongbi sound crisp, resilient; and the appearance of possible fake barrel was dark blue or white, the color dark uneven, poor transparency, Tong Bi impurities, many black spots, with finger tapping Tongbi sound boring, drop poor performance and toughness, easy to crack after multiple deformation. True bucket lid color correction, there is a strong gloss, generally have a circle arc of indentation tear mouth, can easily be torn along, leave a bucket cover dark colors, the first impression is the time expected to do, difficult or simply do not tear open. Second, the big brands usually have anti-counterfeit labels, consumers should call the above telephone inquiries. Third, some water points are true and false water is water sold; so should every time hydrotechnic did not take the time personally check the authenticity of bottled water, so let hydrotechnic know, you really bottled water Pseudo is a very careful investigation, that he may be sent also to reduce the probability of false water. Fourth, buy a bucket of water to carefully view the label is intact, such as names and addresses, the implementation of standards, production date and shelf life. Inverted bucket of water will receive more than 1 minute, check for leaks, if the leakage, which means leakage, microbial indicators of possible failure, should be rejected. Fifth, do not buy bottled water, the blind pursuit of cheap. Exciting content to recommend: BOLA TANGKAS