Bottled Water – Do Some People Think Bottled Water Tastes Bad?

“Water does not have a taste.” “Water tastes like nothing.” “You cannot dislike water.” These phrases are bound to have popped into conversation at some point during our lives. It does not take a genius to understand that there is going to be somebody that just simply dislikes the taste of water. Most people are resistant to even discussing what water tastes like or why they enjoy drinking it, let alone entertaining the idea that somebody dislikes it.

Unfortunately water is an incredibly important asset to us biologically and without it we would unable to survive. So if one dislikes water that perhaps they are not so inclined toward survival; but necessity and preference are two very different things. Hydrating ourselves is very important, and just because it may not be enjoyable does not mean that the practice is neglected.

Other alternatives exist, although most beverages contain large amounts of water, and even more are derived from it in some way. A common case is a person that may prefer soda or flavored carbonated beverages over say, bottled water. It may be odd to dislike something, but enjoy it when it is mixed with something else or even just frozen. What matters is that alternatives exist, and that those who dislike water alone, have places to turn to hydrate themselves and keep them living a healthy lifestyle.

Now more than ever, those who are not fond of water have plenty of options. The beverage market is one of the world’s largest, and it rarely fails to impress. Often new beverages are introduced and some even disappear as fast as they may appear, but for the most part everybody has their favorite drink. It is arguable that additives and flavorings may be harmful to the diet and in some cases it has been proposed that some ingredients can actually induce thirst and provoke dehydration rather than sustain your health.

Knowing what you enjoy and what to drink is very important. Everybody should try to find healthy foods that they enjoy, to live both a flavorful and healthy life. To a further extent those who dislike water should make it a priority to find a healthy beverage that will both satisfy their tastes and keep them hydrated. Without an informed view on their beverage intake they could send themselves into various health conditions down the road, or simply live life on the verge of dehydration.

Water may have a taste to some, and to some it may not. Human beings have a thirst to quench, and science has shown us that water is one of the most pure ways to quench that thirst. If the pure option fails to impress luckily the beverage market fronts a plethora of options to consume. The best bottled water may be a cold soda, or even some flavored bottled water. Drink what you like, and like what you drink.