Box Cottage “expo” Signs Were Detained

Expo has attracted worldwide attention, many businesses want to Zhongshan Dongfeng to boost business climate. However, Zhongshan City Industrial and Commercial Bureau to remind stakeholders, the city is currently carrying out special actions to protect intellectual property rights Expo, Expo enterprises should be used with caution signs, to avoid infringement.

2400 tea gift box “Fruity Set” checked

4 the end of Shanhaiguan seized in violation of the Shanghai World Expo, Zhongshan first intellectual property cases. Zhongshan, a trading company from Taiwan imported 2,400 boxes tea gift box “Fruity set” value of nearly 8000 U.S. dollars. The company said these boxes will be delivered in time before the opening of the Expo, hoping to speed up customs clearance. Customs officers check these imported goods and found goods Package Box are printed with “World Expo 2010 Shanghai China” words. Since the trading companies can not produce the relevant power of attorney, the officers on the intellectual property right of Shanghai World Expo Coordination Bureau confirmed that the shipment has not been found in the right authorization, rights holders should be required, the Customs group detain the goods.

Walking a fine company was ordered rectification

Cottage Funing Jiangsu China Pavilion EXPO impressive, but the practice of walking a fine line, Zhongshan, some companies are using. The reporters found that some real estate, Zhongshan, tourism Advertisement Want and Expo detached, some enterprises have also used the Expo slogan, slogans; some enterprises to posters and other images published in the China Pavilion to advertising; the company had also intended to “51” displayed during the Expo model. More businesses to beautify the walls, but also the image of the Expo with the wall, looks like Xuanchuan Shi Fair of public service ads, in fact, or violation of Intellectual Property Expo. Zhongshan City Industrial and Commercial Bureau Trademark Advertisement Management Section relevant responsible person said, the recent find of such alleged acts of infringement of corporate advertising no less than 78, most enterprises have carried out the rectification.

Experts advise: first confirm the legitimacy to do business again

In the Office of Legal Affairs Section Shanhaiguan told reporters that the end of last year, China has 57 World Expo IP was filed in the General Administration of Customs, the Customs Protection of Intellectual Property will be imposed according to law. When the import and export of goods involved in these intellectual property rights, customs import and export enterprises will be required to produce the Shanghai World Expo Coordination Bureau (Expo Authority) issued the authorization, if unable to produce the relevant authority, will be the right person to further confirm whether the infringement, if infringing , the goods will be detained enterprise down.

Import and export enterprises in the receipt of Design Expo logo merchandise orders, to let the other party the right to show signs of Shanghai World Expo’s authorization. If the person can not provide power of attorney, you can take the initiative to Shanghai Customs Department web site view company filings, or contact your local customs through the “pre-audit” to judge or not in, to avoid infringing goods to the business losses.

Should not have chance to play touch ball

Zhongshan City Industry and Commerce Trademark Ad Management Division the responsible person also told reporters, according to “Regulations Governing the Use of World Expo Logo”, wants to use the Expo logo individuals or organizations should be in writing to the Shanghai World Expo Bureau to use the application.

Expo logo has a very harsh use conditions. For example, a home business into the Expo, Zhongshan Hall, but in accordance with the regulations, the enterprise can only use the logo in the museum publicity, can not be used outside of Renhe Shi Expo Center logo. “We can say that in addition to the current Zhongshan China Mobile, China Telecom and a few other enterprises, local enterprises Zhongshan not get a license to use the Expo logo, these companies free to use the Expo logo in Zhongshan is clearly infringing.”

Public service activities can not be free to use the Expo logo, private or commercial use of this mark to public service activities must be written to apply to the Shanghai World Expo Bureau to obtain consent to use. What is the Expo logo

According to “World Expo logo use and management measures” means: Shanghai World Expo The applicant’s name (including full name, abbreviated, translated, and abbreviations, the same), emblem or other sign; Shanghai World Expo will be the organization’s name, emblem or other signs; Shanghai World Expo name, emblem, flag, mascot, anthem, keywords, slogans; the Bureau of International Exhibitions Bureau flag. BOLA TANGKAS