Brammo Empulse Electric Motorbike

Brammo has just made it debut the Empulse, an electric motorcycle, a brand new naked street fighting machine with the ability to carry its owner to speeds of over 100 miles per hour. Clocking in at about 390 pounds, it is a much lighter ride than most sport bikes. Its 55 horsepower engine with 59 pound-foots of torque is also less than one generally observes on a speedy motorcycle, but the torque is there from a standstill and the bike is so light should make up for it. In terms of its appearance, the Empulse has more traditional styling while the front end looks like a Ducati Streetfighter or MV Augusta Brutale.


Moreover, there will be three models manufactured including the 6.0, 8.0, and 10.0. These indicate the endurance of the bikes with the lowest managing 60 miles of average range and the top of the line 100 miles. In terms of its price, the 6.0 will be the cheapest, starting at $ 9,995, the 8.0 for $ 11,995, and the 10.0 will go for $ 13,995.


Brammo revealed the Empulse, a 100+ mph naked electric motorcycle with 100-mile range


From advanced engine management and traction control to the possibility of two-wheel-drive, the electric motorcycle supplies a flexibility of design and control options


Featuring an array of water-cooled cells, the front part takes after a Ducati Streetfighter or MV Augusta Brutale while its golden forks, Nissin brakes


The front fender shapes are quite reminiscent of a 2005ish Triumph Speed Triple


The extreme performance is going to be much cheaper with electric machines


Similar to the Enertia, the Empulse sources a permanent magnet AC motor and is capable of higher voltage and current capacities with a corresponding rise in power output


The varying range between the three Empulse models is based on the energy density of the three battery packs, 6 kWh, 8 kWh and 10 kWh


This special edition will be probably delivered on July 24th



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