Branson And Branson Shows More Than Expected

Branson, MO-December 9 2010-When newcomers talk about Branson shows, you would almost think the only entertainment choice is country and western music shows. Really, though, Branson has a lot more to offer, culturally speaking, than just banjos and barbecue. This is especially true each spring during “See the World in Branson.”

This next edition of the annual event is scheduled for April and May, 2011. It is intended to celebrate more than 25 different cultures. These include the cultures of Africa, Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Belgium, China, Costa Rica, England, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Scandinavia, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, and Thailand.

Branson’s many theaters, shops, and restaurants have chosen which countries they will represent. For many, the choice was obvious because, after all, the Dinner Adventure always presents the best in Russian circus-style entertainment year round, complete with a Russian dinner feast. Similarly, the 12 Irish Tenors celebrates all things Celtic, and Shoji Tabuchi honors his native Japan as well as American fiddle music.

The cultural experience is not limited to Branson shows, either. For example, the Boxcar Willie Inn will represent France by creating a walk-through art exhibit featuring both French and original local art.

Restaurants will also be offering international flair. For example, Branson’s Golden Corral will highlight its Asian menu offerings and its Chinese dcor. If you don’t feel particularly adventurous, don’t worry: each venue will still offer its traditional fare.

“See the World in Branson” is a fun change of pace for performers and visitors alike. As its slogan says, everyone can see the world, with “no passports needed.” And you can explore several cultures in one day if you like. There will be plenty of opportunity to see Branson’s renowned country music/hillbilly acts too.

The festivities are organized by The Branson Area Receptive Association (BARA). While other communities have international festivals, this one is unique in that it involves the entire city for an entire month. Where else could you start the day with a Belgian breakfast, have lunch on an African safari, and have dinner during a Russian circus all in a single day? And where else could you have all these experiences for such an affordable price? Branson shows are known for their reasonable, family-friendly pricing, and it’s no different during the “See the World in Branson” event.

This event not only celebrates each individual culture, but also recognizes Americas “melting pot.” As Yakov Smirnoff himself has said, “Only in Branson can you find a Japanese fiddler and a Russian comedian playing to sold out shows day after day. What a country!”

“See the World in Branson” has become a popular event. If you plan to visit in April or May, it would be wise to plan your trip well in advance as many venues quickly sell out, and Branson show tickets may be hard to get. This unique event and cultural celebration is a great way to learn about the world and still experience Branson shows. You’ll soon find out why the world comes to Branson.