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Bratz dolls Trademarks Bratz MGA company a year ago, the United States for the 7-12 year-old girl launched a Pop

Fashion Dolls, they total of 5 members, named Yasmin (Yasmin), Kolo (Cloe), Cameron (Cameron), Xiao Yu (Jade) and Sasha (Sasha). These “street girl” changed

Barbie Dignified, noble and perfect shape, they are different colors, from different races, foot board heavy-bottomed boots, dress avant-garde, thermal radiance, it is easy to

Association To the UK portfolio of popular song, “Spice Girls” image. Although the Bratz style limited the overall

Sell Amount still can not Barbie doll days with protests, but a record of remarkable record so far has had to let Barbie lamented that “the Houshengkewei.”

Now, Bratz have been on display in the Target,
Wal-Mart Toys R Us and other major department stores and chain stores in the window. According to

Retail Investigation Agency NPDFun? World’s statistics, Bratz in a deemed
Christmas Season, early sales index index beat Barbie toys. Bratz dolls combined sales last year in October jumped to fourth in all kinds of toys, and “Rapunzel Barbie” ranks only eighth. Last year from January to October, Bratz dolls fashion dolls combined sales ranked first, Barbie’s “Walking and

Game “Series down at second. In addition, Bratz in October 2002 sales of fashion dolls to occupy the top five in three, the popularity shocked the entire toy industry.

Bratz slightly modified, replaced the “cool Bratz” name into the Japanese market, and soon by the Japanese children of all ages.

In Marketing Strategy, Bratz is taking the “anti-Barbie” line. First of all, Bratz mainly for 7-12 year-old girl, who is one of the toy market, the largest customer, also Barbie has been difficult to break into a market. Secondly, Bratz fashion style unique, platform shoes and wearing them was wearing a tight short shorts, jerseys and wool hedging vest, create a kind of avant-garde street fashion girl image. In addition, with the Bratz with props and refreshing, such as water treatment composition and true

Cosmetic Portfolio Series 49.99 retail price of U.S. dollars, a release attracted the attention of girls. Even the names of these dolls are a symbol of the cynical, sophisticated Hui Xia, this elegant and dignified image of Barbie is very different than.

Bratz dolls Barbie shorter than the height of about 2.5 cm, and thus are not interchangeable

Apparel . MGA Bratz Company Series this year, plans to join the CD player, telephone and other lifestyle products, and authorized the development of the

Package Including bedding, Sunglasses , Shoes and electronic games and a series of Bratz
Brand Products to further expand the visibility of Bratz.
Bratz success surprised many people, but think about it, too perfect sometimes easier to give the image of true feeling, but the Bratz are making us think they will live in you by my side, the civilian of the characteristics of the average consumer will soon have a kind of identity.

Like MGA CEO Clarion said: “At first, we thought no one would buy a named Bratz dolls, but now we find that many girls really like it, because it provides Barbie does not have distinctive features. “

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