Breaking News: Train accident kills 35 nowadays morning

The Rajya Rani Express mishap killing many at Dhamara Ghat hits the breaking news of the nation early this morning.

The tragic accident killed at least 35 individuals and injured a number in dozens maximum of which have been the kanwarias. Becoming the final Monday of the auspicious month of ‘Saawan’ these days, as per the existing news, the devotees intended to offer prayers to the renowned Katyayni Temple. The victims had been crashed under the wheels of Saharsa-Patna Rajya Rani Express at Dhamara Ghat early this morning amongst eight am – eight: 30 am even though crossing the tracks.

As per the witnesses’ reports and injured patients, the victims got alighted with an additional train when the Rajya Rani Express operating at 80km/hour came in fast and caught the victims leaving them vwith no time to actually escape. The tragedy occurred exactly at Dhamara Ghat which is 10 km before the train’s subsequent halt at Mansi junction. The accidental point comes under the Samastipur division of East Central Railway whereas the train does not have a scheduled stop at Dhamara station.

Dhamara Ghat close to Indo-Nepal border attracts a huge quantity of devotees every single year in this season for Kayayni temple.
The Additional Director Common of Police SK Bhardwaj, as per the latest news has confirmed the death of 35 Hindu pilgrims (kanwariyas) whereas the quantity is anticipated to rise with the growing reports and detailed data which is but to come from the accident internet site.
The neighborhood residents of the area busted their anger out more than the incident and began hitting the station employees which led maximum of the staff to genuinely leave their job responsibilities that time and run away. The neighborhood passengers around began pelting stones at Rajya Rani Express as it stopped right after completing some distance followed by the accident. The express train was set on fire by the aggressive viewers and the driver of the train has been reportedly brutally beaten mercilessly. The fuming residents have also vandalized the railway station and broken the government house and have kept certain government and railway officials as their hostages.

Amitabh Prabhakar, Chief Public Relation Officer of ECR mentioned, “The circumstance was almost out of control at the railway station followed by the mishap as numerous angry men and women began agitating. The railway officials are not in a position to go to the accident web site as of now which is why it is a small tough to comment anything. It will at least take a single or two hours to share some thing concrete for the newest news following the security forces are mobilized to clear out the furious individuals.”

Top railway and city administration officials reached the accident internet site to study the stock of the circumstance. The injured victims have been instantly rushed to the nearest government hospitals in Katihar and Saharsha.

The train services and the route have been temporarily suspended right after the incident till the case is resolved as reported by the railway officers. The first round of the inquiry over the accident has currently begun.