Breeding Betta Fish

Since Betta fish have a very short life span many people turn to breeding them to keep more of them at a time. Those who breed Betta fish sell them to pet stores when they’re about six months old. Betta fish breed in bubble nests that they create themselves by going to the surface and taking in air. Once they’ve taken in a big gulp of air they blow the bubble out into the water and it will create the nest. A small tank is all that is needed to breed bettas.

Many breeders use a ten gallon aquarium with nothing inside except something for the female to hide in, the male and female bettas and the water. The fish should be conditioned and healthy before breeding. This can be done by feeding them a healthy diet of live foods and keeping the water at a pH level of 7.0 and around eighty degrees.

After the male is placed in the breeder and is ready to spawn, he will start building a bubble nest. The female may spend a great deal of the time hiding due to the fact that male bettas become very aggressive during spawning time. When they are both ready to spawn, their colors will become very intense and they will circle each other underneath the bubble nest. The male will then squeeze the female and she will then start dropping her eggs. The male will fertilize them as they begin to sink. Once they are all fertilized he will scoop them up and place them in the bubble nest. Once they have spawned all the eggs, it is a good idea to remove the female from the tank since she has played her part and is no longer needed.

The male should remain in the breeder in order to tend and fetch any eggs that should fall out of the bubble nest. The eggs will usually hatch in about one to two days and the newly hatched fry can be visible in the bubble nest with their little tails hanging out of the bubbles. They will feed on the leftover yolk in the egg sack for the next thirty six hours before they will begin to swim around the breeder tank. After about two days the male should be removed from the breeder tank because he may mistake them for live food swimming around the tank.

While the fry are still in the breeder tank, they should be fed twice a day. The best food to feed them is live baby brine shrimp. Do not overfeed the fry because the leftover food that they do not consume will dirty the tank which will quickly kill them. They will soon grow into full sized Betta fish if they are well cared for.