Brisbane’s Airport Still The Best In Australia

Brisbane is an amazing city and although it is the third largest in Australia, it has quickly became one of the most visited places in the world. Maybe it is the central position of this city to all the neighboring regions or the wonderful events that take place here throughout the year. One thing is certain, those who want to spend time in an incredible holiday destination will not be disappointed when they landed in Brisbane.

If you are traveling to the Queensland region of Australia , then you will more than likely find yourself traveling through the Brisbane Airport . This airport is one of the best in the land for service and this has been proven for the past five years in a row. This report comes from the (ACCC) The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s annual report when looking and comparing the Brisbane Airport to those of the other cities throughout Australia .

So what about the Brisbane Airport that people love? Well, it is almost everything. Not only is the service throughout the airport phenomenal, but this airport is very well designed making navigation a breeze and those who travel a lot like this wonderful airport. It is clean and well designed to accommodate travelers in this incredible city.

The airport is also very well located and allows travelers to get to their final destination with ease. And parking at many levels makes commuting a breeze with many options for long and short term parking available. Car rental kiosks are also very well situated to the baggage room that allows travelers to move through the airport with ease.

Travel days can be taxing but for those who are landing in the Brisbane National Airport it is a pleasure to arrive in such a clean and accommodating airport after a long travel day. And the smiles on their faces say it all.

Jim Carden of the Brisbane Airport Corporation says that one of the reasons that Brisbane is number one for service year after year is due to the way that the region keeps investing in and supporting this airport realizing that it is the key to the region’s growth as a major tourist location. And their efforts are paying off. The tourism in this region continues to rise as more and more attention is paid to this airport the hub of air travel to the Queensland region.