Build Natural Resistance Against Allergies, Turn To Ayurveda

Adverse reactions to specific foods, food intolerance, food poisoning and other toxic food reactions are some of the most commonly occurring food disorders across the world. But these disorders are often confused with the food allergy which is a rare and abnormal response to food, triggered by a specific reaction in the immune system.

Food allergies are usually caused by the allergens, especially the indigestible proteins, present in some specific foods. All the signs and symptoms of a food allergy usually occur within a few minutes to an hour of eating. The food allergy is initially characterized by an itching in the mouth and difficulty in swallowing and breathing.

Patients may also experience symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and abdominal pain once the digestion of food allergens in stomach and intestines take place. The allergens present in the food can also induce the allergies of skin such as eczema or hives. If not treated quickly, the food allergens can also reach the airways causing asthma; and while travelling through the blood vessels, they can also cause light-headedness, weaknesses and a sudden drop in the blood pressure.

Some of the most common foods that cause allergic reactions in adults are:

A. Peanuts

B. Eggs

C. Fish

D. Walnuts

E. Shrimps

F. Shellfish

G. Soy

H. Wheat

I. Cows milk

Food allergies can often be treated from several directions at the same time. It requires a holistic treatment including elimination of allergens, strengthening the patients nutritionally and modifying the patients immune response. A food allergy is quite an individual problem as the causes of food allergies may greatly vary from person to person. It, therefore, requires the patients active involvement in the treatment of such allergies.

Avoiding the offending the allergens are the primary and the most basic treatment of the food allergy. Special diets that are rich in Vitamin C can be highly beneficial in treating the food allergies as Vitamin C is a general anti-allergy supplement. Toxins should strictly be avoided from the diets. Vegetable juices, healing fats, unrefined sea salts are also helpful in improving the food tolerance.

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