Build Your Own Personal Electric Car Conversion – Save Money And Go Green

Does it make financial and ecological sense to drive an electric powered auto? Totally! Electric automobiles are terrific for commuters and anyone who drives less than a hundred miles in per day. And do you know what, most people drive much less than 100 miles daily. Think about commuting for several weeks, even months or maybe forever without ever stopping for gas. It is not simply possible, it is now practical.

Many people don’t drive electric automobiles as a consequence of the idea that to do an electric conversion costs many thousands of dollars and to purchase a new electric vehicle is seriously costly. The fact is, it doesn’t cost a lot at all to convert an existing vehicle to run on electricity. And instead of converting your existing car to electric, how about getting an older car, maybe one with a bad engine, from a junkyard and converting it?

Think about doing this, grab a low priced car from a classified ad or a junkyard and change it to all-electric for just a couple of hundred dollars more. It is less complicated than you think and you’ll have a vehicle that:

1) Looks great. There are a lot of non-running but good looking cars to choose from.

2) Your electric automobile will easily cruise at 50 MPH. That is plenty fast for driving to work, going to the store, picking up the children, and so forth.

3) Your automobile will go as much as a hundred miles on a charge. Keep your old car or rent one for long trips.

4) Save a ton of cash. If you are spending $ 50 each week on gas, comes to $ 2600 each year. That’s more than your electric car will cost!

I’ll bet the true reason you don’t convert your own electric car is a lack of information. You just do not know to date how easy it really is. What you need now is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step manual to build an electric auto in your workshop or garage. BOLA TANGKAS
RTU eFone – Super Motor

“Dear friends, this engine rewrites the definition of combustion engine! Theoretically, science is familiar with adiabatic applications for over half century, but to see this realistically in operation, is considered a small miracle!”

Eng.Jan Lesinsky, PhD., Assoc.Prof.
director of
Slovak University of Technology Bratislava
Institute of Life Long Learning
November 2, 2012

eF-one” WAS BORN – official RTU videorecord, 2012 RTU Europe

5-cylinder Turbo 2.5 liter
Power: 598kW (814 HP)
Torque: 1.000+ Nm (dyno limit)
Radiatorless Water System
Exhaust Gas Temp. 351°C
No catalityc converter needed
1.850 rpm – 115km/h – 5.3l/100km

Adele – Rolling into Deep by Magdalena Izakovicova
under license Face of the Year 2012