Build Your Own Personal Electric Car – Save Money And Go Green

Does it make financial sense to drive an electric powered automobile? Totally! Electric cars are excellent for commuters and those who drive under 100 miles in a day. And guess what, most people drive considerably less than 100 miles daily. Just imagine driving for several weeks, even months or perhaps forever without needing to stop for gas. It is not simply feasible, it’s now practical.

Lots of people don’t drive electric vehicles because of the concept that to do an electric conversion costs many thousands of dollars and to buy an electric new car is really costly. In reality you’ll find, it does not cost very much at all to convert an existing automobile to run on electricity. And rather than converting your current car to electric, how about getting an older vehicle, maybe one with a bad engine, for a couple of hundred bucks and converting it?

Think about doing this, buy a low priced vehicle from a junk yard or classified ad and change it to all-electric for just a couple of hundred dollars more. It’s much easier than you suppose and you will have a auto that:

1) Looks good. You can find plenty of non-running but great looking cars to select from.

2) Your electric automobile will readily cruise at 50 MPH. That is plenty fast for driving to work, going to the supermarket, picking up the children, and so forth.

3) Your auto will go as much as a hundred miles on a full charge. Keep your old automobile or you could rent one for lengthy trips.

4) Save lots of money. If you’re spending $ 50 a week on gas, that is $ 2600 every year. That’s a lot more than your electric car will cost!

I’ll bet the real reason you do not build your own electric auto is a lack of information. You just don’t know to date how simple it really is. What you need now is step-by-step, easy-to-follow manual to construct an electric automobile in your garage or backyard.