Building a Modular Home

Human behaviour is economic behaviour and so a savvy industrialist/capitalist will be able to prosper and profit if they are able to predict and intercept the next action committed by consumers. Yet despite this, in the face of all the theorem concerning free market economics, the supply and demand equation and it all modular homes have proven to be something of a puzzlement for economists (as well as the manufacturers involved in their production) because as far as they can see, sales are not really taking off as well as had been hoped for or expected. Regrettably, people have approached modular homes with something bordering on open hostility and mistrust, seemingly unable to appreciate or understand that in actual fact, they are saving money without compromising quality.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for many consumers in regards to modular homes is the extremely short period of time in which they can be completely finished and assembled, which beggars belief. The traditional methods of site buildings, i.e. buildings erected and completed where they stood, were grossly ineffective, unreliable and plagued with a host of problems that served to delay the final completion date. It would seem that, having grown up in an era where inefficiency and huge delays in the final result was not only the norm but accepted as the “cost of doing business” it is somewhat understandable given that consumers are reluctant to accept modular homes for what they are on at face value. Understandable but yet at the same time, it is still very frustrating.

So how long DOES it take for a modular home to be constructed, assembled, ready for use?

At an absolute maximum, the materials will be completed and produced in the factory within a fortnight (two weeks). If that has impressed you, then please note that this timeframe includes quality control inspections and inspections by industry experts in order to ensure that the property is fit for use and totally safe.

Hearing such a remarkably short period of time is more than enough to make many consumers uncomfortable. How on earth can the producers of modular homes have the property ready in such a short period of time?

As briefly touched upon earlier within the article, the traditional methods used to build houses were ineffective and riddled with problems, and the modular homes manage to address these issues quickly and safely as well as with no small measure of efficiency. Because the materials are produced and used in a 100% climate-controlled environment this means that there is no need to worry about or be concerned with any damage or destruction of the building materials.

Because the materials are completed in the factory and then erected when finished, there is no need to worry about theft because the materials are no longer in an easily accessible state meaning that any would be thief will find that the cost of dismantling and transporting the materials they have purloined will far exceed any sort of illicit profit they may have netted for themselves!