Building a Small Trimaran With Wood and Epoxy

If you’ve never built a trimaran (or any boat before) then you’ll likely entertain some doubts. It’s natural.

You’ll probably ask yourself questions such as, “Can I really do this?” … “How long is a boat building project realistically going to take?” … “Should I go with a boat that has a frame and uses a cold-molded construction, or should I just go with a simple, straightforward Stitch and Glue type of construction?”

These are good questions. These are important questions.

Building any boat properly with wood requires good, useful information to help you get through the building process. Thankfully, there is some good info out there about wooden construction.

While it would be nice to find a little bit of this type of content provided in a unique, web-based environment, most of the really good information is still found in books. But more good info is on the market in DVD format.

Whatever info resource you use, you’ll want to make sure it includes more than details about marine-grade plywood … scarfing joints … strip plank … frame and stringer … diagonal plank on frame and stringer … or other forms of construction.

Your resources should thoroughly cover how to safely use epoxy. Epoxy is a wonderful invention, but great care must be exercised when working with it.

Epoxy can be used to construct a very strong, durable hull out of different pieces of wood so that it becomes essentially “monocoque” in structure. Thus, it’s popular with many wooden boat builders for obvious reasons. However, the same chemical properties that result in it being such a wonderful tool in boat building can also make it a dangerous thing if not properly handled.

The fumes can make you very sick. Its chemicals on your skin can create terrible rashes, or even poison your system.

Not good.

In essence, before you work with epoxy, be sure to safeguard yourself by reading up on the process, and by following all the safety practices. There is no good reason to damage your health when simply following the proper procedures will prevent harm.

Using medical gloves such as latex ones is very important. Using a respirator is equally important. And cleaning up afterwards, including setting aside clothes that may have absorbed epoxy, is also something that requires attention and diligence in order to completely follow through.

Safe boat building is smart boat building. The plain truth is that you can construct a small tri out of wood materials and end up with a super boat by doing things in a healthy way.