Burn Fat – Build Muscle – The Best Ways

There are several ways to burn fat – build muscle and they don’t all have to involve starving yourself or exercising into oblivion. Macrobolic nutrition is one way to lose body fat and increase muscle without doing cardio workouts.

This method uses a nutrition program so that your body becomes metabolically efficient, but it doesn’t involve starving yourself. In fact you eat more food every three hours than you could ever imagine possible.

A common mistake made by amateur body builders is often prompted by the media attention to low carb diets and possibly you have already learnt that these don’t work.

Macrobolic nutrition is based on a 45/35/20 formula which represents a scientifically proven ratio of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that are needed in your diet to burn fat – build muscle and support recovery.

You will never reach your full growth potential no matter how hard you exercise and train unless you treat your body to the proper nutrition. Many diets are based on burning more calories than you eat, but this is not the full story when your goal is to replace fat with lean muscle. Macrobolics looks at the larger picture with a grounding that not all calories are the same.

You will probably have heard about Barry Sears’s Zone diet and Dr Atkin’s really low carb/high protein diet which although great for the millions of people who have lost weight whilst on them, are not great for making you feel energetic, building muscle and aiding performance.

The Zone diet is similar to Macrobolic nutrition in that it works on insulin levels and aims to stabilize blood sugar levels, but the ratios of carbohydrate, fat and protein are not suited to a body builder.

The success of Macrobolics is based on using macronutrients from the correct sources and the main points are focused around the frequency of meals, regulating hormones and the thermogenic effect of food.

It is not just another boring diet, but a great way for the power lifter, body builder or athlete to build lean mass.

If you are reading this and thinking to yourself, he must have got this wrong, you can’t get lean on carbohydrates, then you really need to read on.

Carbs are the most efficient source of nutrients for your body because they convert to glucose easier than fats or proteins and they are extremely important for performance, muscle-growth and strength.

When glycogen and blood sugar levels are low, they protect protein and stop it being changed into glucose. So you can see that it is critical for weight lifters to eat enough to support their demand for energy when exercising to avoid burn out.

I mentioned earlier that all carbs are not equal and whilst they all give out four calories each gram, they can have a different impact on the body depending on their category. These include monosaccharides, disaccharides, polysaccharides and fiber.

Carbohydrates in the low glycemic index (GI) are quickly digested and readily convert to insulin so that blood glucose levels rise less after meals and are useful to help you increase lean mass and lose body fat.

On the other hand high GI carbs lead to high insulin levels, which promotes fat storage. You may have experienced high insulin levels whilst exercising. These lead to low blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia) and you feel light headed, anxious, fatigued and perspire. What you probably refer to as “crashing”.

If you continually eat meals that do this to your body then your body will never eliminate the fat that it stores.

However, if you choose macrobolic nutrition, then amino acids and glycogen will be steadily supplied to your muscle tissue whilst blood sugar is kept under control and you will burn fat – build muscle as you work out.