Buy A Car For Students Going To University

When young people go off to university it is sometimes harder for mum and dad at home to cope with the fact that their beloved son or daughter has flown the nest than it is for their child to cope with not having their parents around. One of the things complained about by mum and dad is that once at university their son or daughter seems to be much too busy to have time to come home for a visit and if persuaded they always complain about how difficult and long and expensive the journey home is.

If you experience this, the solution might just be to buy them a car, and perhaps also throw in some petrol money whenever they come home.

So the task for mum and dad will be to visit their local car dealer and get the best car their money can buy. Burton on Trent in the Midlands is where one set of parents with a daughter ready to go to university in York lives, and their visit to their car dealer ended up in a used Nissan X-trail.

Burton on Trent is a traditional industrial town and the roads between there and York are well maintained so you wouldnt perhaps think there was a need for a 4&4 vehicle but there were several factors that lead them to this choice. First of all their daughter liked the car and the fact she could move lots of her stuff in it when moving to York. Secondly its a bigger car which made both her and mum and dad feel it was a safer choice. And thirdly, considering the bad weather we have had the last few winters in England, should there be ice and snow on the road, she would still feel safe enough to drive.

So if your child is attending university but never seem to have time to come home for visits, why not buy them a car and see whether that can persuade them to come home more often.