Buy Bear Spray If You Are Going Camping And Not Stronger Than A Bear

I am often asked by my customers when an appropriate time to carry bear spray would be. The answer is simple really. Just ask yourself these two simple questions.

1. Am I going to be somewhere where wild bears have even the slightest chance of being seen?

2. Am I stronger than these bears?

If you answered yes to the first question and had to think about the answer to the second question for more than 1 second I would say that buying bear spray should be on the top of your list before your next camping trip.

Heres the thing. What, realistically, are the chances of you ever using bear spray to save your own life? Pretty slim even if you are an avid camper. Now, what are the chances of you winning a fight between you and an 850 pound grizzly bear? I would say even slimmer unless you are defensive end Julius Peppers of my Chicago BEARS!!!!! I apologize. I get excited when talking about bears of any kind. Seriously though, Peppers is a beast of a man and if any human could take a grizzly bear it would probably be him. The rest of us should seriously consider carrying bear spray.

Heres another tip when using bear spray. When you are camping you should ALWAYS have the bear spray on you. ALWAYS. It makes no sense not to. A bear attack is going to happen quickly and without much warning if with any warning at all. Bears move quickly so if one starts charging and you dont have the bear spray in your hand or in a holster at your side you are in a huge amount of trouble. You are not going to out run a bear unless you are Devin Hester of the Chicago BEARS!!!! Okay. Sorry. But in all seriousness you need to have the spray on your person or there isnt any use in buying it in the first place.

With Guard Alaska bear spray you simply point and spray. The canister has an easily removable safety clip and I would get in the habit of either removing it before you wander from the campsite or even while you are still at the site. Also I would practice taking it from the holster or even spraying it from the holster itself. Practice for an hour straight. Seriously, just practice grabbing it from its holster. Not only is a bear attack going to happen more or less as a complete surprise but you arent going to be thinking as clearly as you would with an 850 pound grizzly not charging. Grabbing the bear spray and using it has to be second nature.

Thank you as always for taking time to listen to my ramblings. My intent is always to help ensure that you and yours are well protected. In this case Im simply saying that if you are going to be going camping anywhere there has ever been a bear sighting it would behoove you to buy bear spray.

Stay Safe,

Puzek Security Systems