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The knot, as stylized and used in Celtic wedding rings design is a excellent symbol for the bonds of matrimony and the joining of two lives. If you and your partner are considering utilizing wedding bands that incorporate traditional Celtic patterns, you may possibly be curious as to the Celtic heritage. The Celts encompass a huge number of diverse ethnic groups connected by a widespread Indo-European language.

The Celtic nations are primarily the British Isles with the exception of Ireland. In England the Celtic tradition was subsumed by Anglo-Saxon culture. The long held belief that all Cetic culture trace back to a widespread tribe has been disproved by genetic investigators and it is now believed Celtic culture was spread by conquering other unrelated tribes or by means of straightforward cultural influence of neighboring peoples.

Celtic art in modern usage refers to the designs and motifs that came to prominence throughout the Celtic art revival of the eighteenth century. This revival was born out of the wish by the Welsh and Scottish to assert their cultural identities in the face of the dominance of English culture in political and religious places.

Celtic art is very abstract and stylized, equivalent to the Arabic art and really distinct from the classical Greco-Roman representational tradition. The designs are graphical representations of flowing, endless patterns initially popularized when they were adapted for use in the ornamentation of Roman Catholic manuscripts, churches and monuments.

The now familar patterns noticed in Celtic wedding rings are fashioned from stylized representations of rope knots, therefore making them perfect visual metaphors for “tying the knot.”

Modern Celtic wedding rings use any of about a dozen conventional Celtic knot patterns. Two or 3 patterns are occasionally combined. Added to this are edging styles or even edgeless models, which is created attainable by fashioning the metal as rope strands that serve as their own edges.

The use of knot patterns in Celtic wedding band design and style tends to make them one of the few designs to frequently incorporate open space within the band. Gemstones are applied at the artisan’s discretion and several styles forego faceted gems in favor of the semi-precious polished stones utilized in historic Celtic jewelry. Varieties of knot patterns contain the Celtic Knot, Circle, Spiral and Heart as properly as the braided two stranded Infinity Knot and the clover leaf like Trinity Knot.
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