Buy Model N96 – Get the Best Nokia Deals

Nokia is a brand that is synonymous with quality, authenticity and features that are undoubtedly the best in the competitive market today as well as affordable by most. The flagship Nokia N95 and N95 8GB were great mobile phones with some of the best features that you would normally expect from a mobile phone. But the latest N96 goes even further. It offers you extraordinary features that you always expect their models to have as they are among the market leaders. Much to the disadvantage of its competitors in the already crowded market, their hand sets are simply no match for this newest offering from Nokia – the model N96.

The first thing that strikes you as you pick up one of this model is its sheer brilliance and quality. Though you normally associate quality with all the sets from Nokia, this is going to take your breath away for sure! The best part is that it is great from inside and outside equally. This is something you will realize as soon as you check it out in your nearest Nokia store. It has a 2.8″ display unit and a unique “double-sliding” feature. You can simply side in upwards and get the media control tools or slide it downwards and get the numeric keypad! It also has a ‘desk stand’ built at the back for keeping the phone down at angles that help good viewing and multitasking on it.

If you are wondering about the memory of this set you will be simply stunned. It is as huge as 16 GB. It also has an expandable memory 32Mb. This is the best answer for your overcrowded video and music albums that you do not want to delete ever. The set can also act as a TV because it is built with something called DVB-H receiver. Beside this you can also go for hours of video streaming from your favorite websites. The camera fitted with this set is of 5 mega pixel and it has the world’s best lenses from Carl Zeiss optics. There are more features that this mobile phone camera has and this includes features like auto focus, auto control, auto exposure, dual-LED camera flash, recording indicator, auto-focus assist light etc.

Being a hand set which is created keeping in mind the multimedia demands of the customers, you can save data, video and audio in any form that you like. It supports full flash, a complete web browser, FM radio, GPRS, 3G, WLAN, EDGE, Wi Fi, Bluetooth and much more! The set supports all Nokia maps and navigational facilities. You can download free maps for 150 countries at the same time! There are millions of locations, city pointers and satellite images to make your journey trouble free and safe. This is a gadget that travelers like across the planet. It is a handset which is a part of the other Smart Phones introduced by Nokia to replace the conventional phones. With high end connectivity, complete entertainment options, compatibility with other formats and operating systems, and full feature navigational systems in place, this hand set is one of its kinds in the world made for those who love to have the collect gizmo in their pockets as well as for those who like multitasking all the time!