Buy Pur Water Filters – Before You Buy Check Out Other Types of Filtration Systems

To find the best option when you buy Pur water filters, check out other types of filtration. Probably many of you will say that this is a common sense measure and you always shop around to see what is available. But for those with children who have their hearts set on flavored drinks straight from the faucet, then this may be a more difficult decision.

Your water can contain

I don’t want to put you off completely, as any type of water-filtration system has to be better than none, especially as the water running through your pipes can pick up many toxic substances on the way to your tap. But these include:

farm waste
industrial chemicals

Levels of contamination are generally high and will have an effect on your families health. This type of filter is also preferable to bottled-water, which can harbor more bacteria than tap-water.

The range offered by the Pur brand includes:

a pitcher similar to the Brita jug
fridge filters
an appliance that fits under the sink

And a flavor cartridge can be fitted to all types.

Things to consider before you purchase Pur water filters or any other type of filtration system:

your water-source, is it from a reservoir or well? Each source has unique contaminants and different appliances will be needed accordingly, although multi-filtrations will cover all eventualities
how much water wastage will there be? This is important because if you buy an reverse osmosis appliance, you may end up flushing gallons and gallons down the drain alongside the wastewater, which will work out really expensive
this brings me to running costs, will the machine use electricity and if so, how much will it cost each year?
replacement filters are a necessity for a constant supply of fresh drinking water. How often will you have to replace yours and how much will it cost?
does the appliance demineralize the water? If it strips away the potassium, calcium and magnesium much needed to keep your body healthy, then you will need to think twice. This applies to reverse osmosis and distillation machines

What can I expect from this brand?

If you buy the best level of filtration, a three stage faucet model, then it will leave the fluoride in the water, reduce trihalomethanes, chlorine, agricultural pollutants, microbial cysts, industrial pollutants and some heavy metals. The filter will need replacing every three months or hundred gallons. However the pitcher doesn’t remove half as many pollutants.

Another major consideration is that this brand will only provide you with drinking water in the kitchen. An appliance that reaches every tap and shower in the house can be far more beneficial especially as more than seventy percent of chlorine taken into your body is via the skin, as you bathe or shower. Pur do not sell products for the shower or whole house systems.

What about other brands?

It’s not easy to find a name you can trust that sells a whole house multi filtration appliance. How can you tell if the company uses cheap imported materials? So its really helpful when you find a website that can make this less of a chore and it really makes sense to learn more before you buy Pur water filters.