Buying a Car – How to Make Sure You Get the Best Deal

When shopping for a car you must remember that its a kind of battle, the sales agent whilst striving to appear so is not your friend, he has one goal in mind and that is closing the deal and selling you that car. He will say almost anything to reach this goal. There are ways however that you can immunize yourself against all this persuasive sales patter and avoid feeling pressured and bamboozled. If you follow the tips below and by doing a little research, and employing a simple strategy you can get the best price and ensure you avoid overspending.

One of the first things to remember when buying a car is that the motor trade is a seasonal business. This is not known by many people, but if you know the trends than you can choose the best month day and even time when you are most likely to get the best deal on your new vehicle.

There is no better way to ensure you get the best deal than by employing the waiting game and hitting that dealer when all the signs are right, but what is that ideal time?

The best months to buy are between August and November, because this is the time of year when the manufacturer unveils their new models. This can work in two ways, the first is you are sure to get the latest model, or on the other hand if this is not important to you, dealers will be looking to offload older models at often huge discounts.

Talking about the best day, you should try to visit the car dealer mid week, and avoid at all costs car shopping at the weekends. These are the car dealers busiest times whereas Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the quietest. You can be sure the salesman will be more willing to go that extra mile to give you a good deal when the car lots are quieter and sales are thinner on the ground.

In conclusion if you are patient and careful about the timing you will have a much better chance of being successful, and winning that dream car for the lowest cost.