Buying a TV – When is the Best Time?

With so many television brands flooding the market, it is difficult to make the right choice to buy your desired television. Moreover, new models are making it to the market everyday. In fact, each year in the late summer and the early fall, new TV models make their way to the stores.

The best time to buy LCD and Plasma TVs

The general rule is that prices of LCD and Plasma TVs start dropping as their sizes keep increasing. Most of the viewers buy plasma or big-screen TV in the time of Super Bowl. However, according to consumer analysts, buyers should wait for sometime after a new model hits the market before buying. You should wait for six to twelve months before you buy HDTV or LCD TV, after a particular model has been launched because most Japanese manufacturers end their fiscal year in the month of March and the new models are launched after March. A few months after the launch, the price drops in the market. If you can wait for a year to buy a particular model then you are guaranteed to get the best technology for dirt-cheap rates.

Which are the cheapest TVs

The good old-fashioned CRTs are the cheapest TVs available. They come in all sizes and in all budgets. Standard picture tube TVs are becoming smarter in their looks everyday and if you were watching the TV from six feet distance then you would spot no difference between CRT and HD TV. Moreover, you get all sorts of discounts and buy back offers on these TVs throughout the year.

Do I really need 1080p

The fad for all TV sets this year is 1080p. However, most of these sets are taking a 1080i signal and then up converting it to 1080p but the connection of the sets do not originally support 1080p/60 input. Though this year, sets with 1080p/60 input are coming out, it is better that you do all the background work before going for your best future proof TV.

It appears quite impractical to upgrade your HDTV for the best picture in coming 2 to 8 years. However, if you are willing to buy a TV now then go for the sets, which have 1080p/60 inputs because buying a television is an investment.