Buying Whole House Water Filtration Systems – Is it a Smart Move?

If you are like me, you are probably aware how contaminated tap water can be. Drinking this water as it is, is a sure way to invite a host of diseases. This is the reason more and more people today are looking for water purifiers and that too whole house water filtration systems.

But are whole house water filtration systems really useful? What benefit do you get from them? Let’s find out.

One thing is certain. Drinking unfiltered water is out of the question. Tap water contains a ton of impurities inside – Chlorine, pesticides, prescription drugs, heavy metals and bacteria too.

So if you install a simple faucet water filter, it should be able to take care of this problem.

But have you thought what happens when you shower with this contaminated water?

When we shower, the pores in our skin open up and absorb the water inside. This is an easy route for the chemicals present in the water to get inside our body and cause health problems later.

Chemicals like chlorine, evaporate easily and then form other deadly compounds which we inhale while showering.

So it becomes essential to install a shower filter too to get complete protection from contaminated tap water.

If you have more than one bathroom, then it begins to get complicated. You then have to install a faucet water filter in your kitchen, and a shower filter in each bathroom.

An easier way out is to setup a whole house water filtration unit. This unit is installed at the point where your home connects to the water supply. The water is filtered there only at the point of entrance to your home, and then all the taps in your home – be it the kitchen or the bathroom – get clean and pure water.

The hassles of separate installation and maintenance are avoided this way.

The only catch is – you have to use a good water purifier, otherwise all your efforts will come to naught. This means the usual Distillers and Reverse Osmosis systems are out of the question. These filters are not effective and leave many impurities behind even in the filtered water.

Instead, you need whole house water filtration systems that use a combination of new technologies like Sub Micron filtration, Carbon filtration and Ion Exchange mechanism. These filters can take care of all the contaminants of the water and can give you pure water that is safe for consumption.

So there you have it. Whole house water filtration systems are an easy way to get pure water in your home easily. Just do some research and choose the right one.