Cabinet Panel Is The “face” Do Not Belittle Hardware

Cabinet panel face is the whole problem, then the hardware and accessories in child must occupy an important position. It will directly affect the comprehensive quality cabinets, cabinets for normal use and the use of “life” have a huge impact. Although we feel that functional parts

solved using some of the trouble, but the quality of the functional parts is in a dilemma, all that is not the difference between imported and domestically produced large, not all look the same? This can be very different from the inside yo! We all know that “a penny, a sub-goods” truth. From the exterior view, really resemble, especially in the orbit can vary smoothly. For example: the United States from Germany, Pula Slide , Loading capacity of large, can carry 30 kilograms, about the force balance. If the dust inside track, it has the automatic discharge of the functions, but the higher prices of imported hardware. Now the level of domestic production increasing Baskets, welding using computer touch welding, welding tight, no accumulation of solder joints, is not easy to open welding, surface treatment in place, and through the smoke test, no rust not open welding, China has become Baskets of the world’s main processing base.

Believe that any qualified housewives do not want to hit the kitchen door suddenly fell off, pull the drawer not open so suddenly encountered. To avoid these, then have choices like cabinet hardware bar, this is a solid guarantee cabinets using time ah! Choice in hardware, absolutely to believe “the price of a sub-sub-goods”, but the good hardware, bad hardware than the more durable in the long run, select high-quality hardware, it is more economic.

Hinge purchase 1. Read material. Big brand cabinet hardware, almost all use cold-rolled steel, a press molding, solid feel, smooth surface. And, because the surface coating thickness, so rust is not easy, durable, load-bearing capacity, ease tension cabinet doors, door closed does not appear the situation is not sturdy. The hinge is generally poor quality of welding of thin metal formed, almost no resilience, with the longer time will lose elasticity, resulting in the cabinet door was closed is not tight, and even cracking

2. With feeling. Advantages and disadvantages of different hinge feel different, excellent quality hinge when the door opened softer strength, to 15 degrees off automatically rebound resilience is very uniform. Poor quality of life hinges short and easy to fall off, such as doors, hanging cabinet fell, mostly because of quality, but off the hinge caused.

Rail purchase 1. Test of steel. How many drawers can load, mainly to see the tracks of steel good or bad, drawers of different sizes with different thickness of steel, bearing different. Purchase drawer can be pulled out by hand with the beat a little above and see whether it will loose, bang bang ring or flip.

2. Look at materials. Pulley Decision drawer slide material comfort. Plastic pulley, ball, wear nylon are the most common of the three pulley materials, including durable nylon for the top grade, sliding, QUIET. Look good or bad pulley, you can use a finger to push and pull drawers should be no astringent sense, there is no noise.

Consumers, especially in the decoration decoration cabinet has become more rational, not only the price level as the focus of purchasing cabinets and more rational to see the brand, quality and service the importance of these elements to determine all aspects of cabinet cost-effective level, so consumers can choose to genuine good cabinet.

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