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Last summer, I saw Guangxi Nanning Hotel Digital TV “Population information services” in an ad film. Generally are: family of four people to go to another city to travel, the ready when the luggage was found, the destination is not clear weather, when the adults in this fight, when they know that two children adopted STB Digital television information service in the query. When the children to tell parents the results, parents are lamenting the convenience of digital TV era.

Think about you around the elders, they use the TV remote control STB Remote control, computer, Digital Cameras Phone (especially to send and receive text messages) and other consumer electronics products, is most of them young people, the church for? This study of the older to the younger social phenomenon, known as the “post-figurative culture.” The set-top boxes for digital television generation will face “the metaphor culture” typical.

I think: cable digital TV users are in among the “90 after” we will gradually discover, digital television and computer as fun and more convenient to use, content security, and orderly, not like the Internet so that were flawless. For those born after 2000, “Century Baby” who, with their digital TV will grow, they will become the set top box generation?? Digital TV may be better than to leave their mark, at least as early as on the computer. This “early”, is often said that the preconceived, it is important. “After 90” in the digital television may well become the elders of the teacher, the reasons are as follow:

First of all, the National Cable Digital TV Overall conversion Accelerating progress, local information services, value-added services, premium channels content more diverse, more and more demands of the target user’s interest as a core. Users of all ages will be considered: what you love to see, what I would broadcast; you like what I offer.

Second, the magazine of the media is already common. Today, both channels or columns, and programs, magazine of the characteristics of the digital TV era will become increasingly prominent. Numerous items of Focus or niche-oriented digital TV business to attract the audience sum total of millions of television viewers of the public. Digital TV as a mass medium, “to educate the public, providing entertainment, information dissemination, public opinion” will not change the basic functions, but in the production and operation, more sophisticated, diversified, quality programs are increasing. Internet video distribution is strictly monitored by government departments, the content of those numerous and confused, in fact, Internet users have long felt tired, dazed. Once there was a “80s” frankly stated: “I like to surf the Internet, but the information too much to see over.” Of the television is always the mainstream media, through the layers of “gatekeeper” of the filter, the spread of content security, be rational, authority, credibility, civilized and healthy, so correct guidance of public opinion, certainly is “more complicated, scattered, hide” the Internet can not compare.

Third, and perhaps their parents do not understand the digital television in addition to the traditional “see” method, there are many “used” but how to use television, the curious, holding a remote control set-top boxes to the children that not be a problem.

In addition, many digital pay channels in the channel, section, program positioning, layout strategies, pricing system, marketing strategy, channel development and management, customer satisfaction and turnover rate control, such as derivative products chain, has more to do the more feeling. Many of today’s digital pay channels, and the circumstances in 2003 when compared to, well more than a few percent, but the future will be better. Surrounding the digital television this season, committed to value-added business enterprises emerging, after years of market exploration and localization with operators running the operation, and also will be introduced are more and more people fit the actual needs of the TV ” uses. “

By the above analysis of all factors, we can easily understand the prospects for digital TV development in Chaoyang. The young man on digital TV content, features, services, understanding options for seniors, custom fit their corresponding services, digital TV brings the family to share the fun and convenient. This harmony is not frequent in our daily lives with it? English

the Editor

Of us from another point of view, digital TV in attracting young people is not necessarily as gloomy as anticipated public opinion. But both young and old meet for user preferences and trends of consumption are essential links, only the truly identify and understand the user, the business will set the scientific and development prospects, but also to reduce the current widespread There’s “Clap” phenomenon. BOLA TANGKAS