Cadbury Changed Hands Endangering The British Brands? – Cadbury, The British Brand – Food Industry

This is a unique landscape: the past 15 years, an Indian company bought us (UK) largest Steel Company, and our remaining one of several automobile manufacturers; a Japanese company bought our largest glass manufacturer; Italians bought the company a leading helicopter manufacturer; Dutch bought our first big Chemical Company; France and Germany over who bought the power series of the largest building materials companies and suppliers; Dubai to buy our company’s largest port operator; the Spaniards to buy our biggest airport operators, the largest mobile telecommunications provider and the second largest mortgage lender.

These acquisitions occur, the majority of British people are silent. Curiously, for Chocolate Manufacturer Cadbury is to be taken over U.S. food company Kraft, many of the British both bitter.

From a strategic point of view, Cadbury of the UK economy is not that important, it changed hands it was an emotional torrent to open the gate.

Many people are worried, of course, is the Cadbury’s UK staff may be laid off. Made this 19 billion U.S. dollars for the huge deal, Kraft had borrowed heavily indebted, and afterwards had a substantial savings. In fact, foreigners are often taken over the British company a success, whether it is true for employees or customers.

To carrier O2 as an example. Telefonica in the Spanish counterparts recruited after it has been booming; Spain, Santander has been very kind to its acquisition of Abbey (Abbey) bank, the credit crisis in a new hand of Bradford and Binge Li seems so be so; Asda supermarket in 1999 by U.S. retail giant Wal-Mart annexation, then the business still booming, and now an average of 1,500 people a week to patronize.

On tomorrow’s Cadbury, the genuine concern of the problem is: those who are or may become the global industry leader, its brand is widely respected and loved by the British company, will one day nothing?

Fortunately, there are many such companies, some of the old shop is hundreds of years. For example, the top three manufacturers of aircraft engines, Rolls – Royce, which is the crown of British Industry, the one real pearl; defense giant BAE Systems Engineering is another global leader; Unilever, the world’s three major food and consumer goods group, and the world’s largest Ice cream Manufacturers; Tesco is the third or fourth-largest retailer (depends how you measure), which opened in 14 countries with 4,308 stores, employs more than 468,508 people, and intends to continue to expand. The 1919 started a market stall in East London, the company doing well.

While some people may feel little luster, but in the world Tobacco Industry, the Big Four, the British half. British American Tobacco (which is actually the British company) ranked second, with classic American cigarette brand “good luck”; headquartered in Bristol, ranked fourth in the Imperial Tobacco has a French classic brand, “Gaul” and “Gitanes” .

Diageo is far ahead of the UK’s strong global Wine Brewing business, under which there are vodka brand “Smirnoff” Scotch Brand “Johnnie Walker”, Du Pine nuts Wine brand name “Gordon’s” and rum brand name “Captain Morgan”; WPP is the world’s second largest Advertisement And marketing companies; GlaxoSmithKline is the world’s second-largest drug maker; BP is the world’s second largest oil company.

United Kingdom also has many industries, the world’s largest maker: catalytic conversion agent, aluminum beverage cans, airport detection equipment, contract catering … … G4S is the largest safety and security companies, employs nearly 60 million people, is second only to Wal-Mart, the world’s second-largest private employer.

In the more modern industry, the British leader as there is no lack, such as IT software company Aveva, transmission and control system manufacturers Spirax-Sarco so. Many people, especially business people outside the main peg manufacturing, in fact, service has become the protagonist of the British economy, in this regard numerous global leader in the UK, particularly in financial and professional services. The big four accounting firms in the two? PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte are from the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom plays a critical role semicolon, which is still the global chairman of the British. All of these brands may not

as much loved Cadbury, but their impact on Britain’s economic future is much more important, whether or not the credit crisis. BOLA TANGKAS