Caffeine and Your Skincare Routine

Does a caffeine skincare product have the same effects as a cup of coffee?

Yes and no, depending on your expectations. A body wash that’s infused with caffeine provides the wide-awake equivalent of two cups of coffee when you use it, except, you’d have to spend one hour in the shower without rinsing off. Many skincare products, such as creams, scrubs and lip balms are also infused with a coffee aroma. Getting a whiff of caffeine-infused products may make you more alert, but that’s only because of your expectations; it’s a learned response to connect coffee with feeling energized.

So can it do wonders for your cellulite?

Research published in 1999 suggested that caffeine-based creams reduced the thickness of fat, causing a plethora of cellulite creams to hit the market.

Unfortunately, research has been inconsistent regarding the effectiveness of caffeine on fat. Caffeine isn’t simply just absorbed by the skin. However, in another study, 80 percent of 130 women who used a caffeine product for 30 days saw a reduction in skin dimpling, with skin appearing tighter and a loss of 2cm on their thighs. Whether caffeine actually banishes cellulite is arguable, but it does seem to have a positive effect on the skin’s appearance. Caffeine dehydrates fat cells, giving skin the appearance of smoothness.

And what about eye creams?

Caffeine can reduce redness, dark circles and puffiness. It works by draining excess fluid and blood short-term. Murad Moisture Silk Eye Gel and Murad Essential-C Eye Cream are great caffeine-infused products for the eye area.

And as for other skin conditions?

Caffeine can also help with rosacea. Caffeine is able to constrict blood vessels, which is something that people with rosacea can’t do. Recent studies also suggest that caffeine might prevent UV damage, helping prevent skin cancer.

What about drinking your caffeine the old-fashioned way?

Coffee is jam-packed with antioxidants that help fight free radicals and reverse cell damage. Research suggests that one serving of coffee contains more antioxidants than fruit, including blueberries and oranges.

To get the most benefit from your coffee, experts recommend drinking your cup o’ joe no more than 20 minutes after it’s been brewed. After 20 minutes the coffee starts to oxidize and loses nutritional benefits. Those with dry skin, however, shouldn’t drink more than once cup a day because coffee is a diuretic that can cause the body to lose moisture. Dehydration also accelerates wrinkles. One option is to switch to green tea, which has all of the antioxidants found in coffee with less caffeine.