Callaway Diablo Edge Hybrid-Best Choice for All Player Types

The new Diablo Edge Hybrids have been specifically designed to provide golfers with a more forgiving, distance enhancing alternative to long irons. And with both standard and Tour models, the hybrids are available in a design that will suit all player types.

The club design includes a thinner crown to allow for a lower center of gravity (CG), putting it in-line with where most amateurs strike the ball on the clubface. The result is high, strong trajectories so the ball flies farther and lands softer.

The unique sole design offers better versatility and playability by creating efficient impact with the face to maximize distance, consistency and accuracy from a variety of turf conditions.

VFT Technology creates higher ball speeds across the entire face, meaning hotter distance with more consistency.

The Diablo Edge Hybrid is a hybrid iron from Callaway’s Diablo Series that is the winner of the Golf Digest Hot List gold medal for 2010.  The hybrid is designed with a thin crown to create a low center of gravity and make it easier for inexperienced golfers to hit the ball higher and farther.

I’ll call this the Standard Diablo Edge Hybrid the Tour model’s little brother. It has a lot of the same features and looks fairly similar, but what sets the two apart is performance and who it is made for. The Standard model is built for your average player while the Tour model is built for the better player.

The look is a little more for the average golfer with the club featuring more offset than the Tour model. Still, it is not much of a distraction and should bring confidence to the higher handicap player. The shafts available match that of the average player, and many custom options are available for an up charge. I felt the stock graphite was a little weak compared to the Tour model graphite.

Hitting this club made me almost want to go with it instead of the Tour model! I found it to be the easiest to hit hybrid I’ve ever used and was also the simplest to get airborne. The ball really jumped off the face with a nice high trajectory. It did however tend to balloon from time to time if you hung back on it a little. I’m going to blame the shaft on this as I’ve stated earlier that it does feel a little soft. The Tour hybrid seemed to have a nice mid-high penetrating flight no matter what shot you put on it.

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