Callaway Legacy Forged Irons +Driver +Fairway Wood

Sooner or later, someone will ask you precisely whether you can play golf very well. There may be lots of handicap in front of you. Nevertheless precisely what does of which mean? In case you participate in tournaments, you need to know, while well while in case you participate in welcoming matches, consequently everyone knows how many swings the better people ought to supply their opponents. Also, if you golfing with your friends or someone who is your business partner. They would see and ask what kind of golf clubs you use. So, you should pay attention to your stuffs. They are must cheap, superior quality and suit for you. I would like to give you guys an option—the 2009 Callaway Legacy Forged Irons +Driver +Fairway Wood.


Callaway Japan introduces their all newLegacy Forged iron. The Legacy design was supervised by Roger Cleveland specifically for the Japanese market featuring an easy to use head shape, slightly higher heel and semi goose neck. The target audience is the mid handicapper to lower handicapper looking for a blend of forgiveness, performance in a mid sized high tech forged cavity back. Callaway has slotted the Legacy right in between the X-Forged and X-20. The Legacy features a soft forged body coupled with VAR (Vibration Absorption Rubber) and a high strength steel face for a solid but soft feel.


The Callaway Legacy Driver, originally developed for sale in Asia, combines the latest technological advancements in club design and materials to achieve optimal performance. Hyperbolic Face technology maintains higher ball speed on off centre hits and the low centre of gravity produces a higher launch angle for maximum distance. A Stretched Head design makes the club deeper from face to back to increase MOI and improive stability while a 24g Power Weighting insert in the heel makes it easy to square the club at impact and reduces fades. The 45-inch shaft is recommended for players with stronger swings looking for mid to high trajectory. The 46-inch shaft is recommended for players looking to maximize distance through increased clubhead speed and a higher trajectory.


The Legacy fairway wood contains an all stainless high MOI style fairway wood with a ballistic design. The Legacy features a super thin 2mm high strength 455 stainless face for a solid feel and high ball speeds. The shallow face and deep stretched head create an optimal center of gravity, low and deep. The shallow back design makes it easy to raise the ball in the air with an optimal amount of spin for maximum carry. The high MOI hed reduces distance loss on off center hits and the Aero’s unique shape, convex heel; make it easy to square up to the ball.