Calories | How to Manage Calories

We take food for proper functioning of our body organs and to perform our daily activities. Food also helps build resistance against diseases and harmful infections and bacteria. But when taken in higher quantities, it get store in the body as fat and result in weight gain.

The energy that we derive from the food is measured in calorie which, in fact, is an energy measuring unit. Number of calories expended depends upon the amount of work done, age, gender and climate. A child, during the growth stage and also during playing games, a pregnant woman, during and after pregnancy, old person leading a sedentary life style, a hospitalized patient, a person working in an office, a manual laborer, a stone-cutter, will require different percentage of calories.

Depending upon the physical work done, one need calories in different quantity or in simple words, the more energy one spends, the higher calories he would require. When we talk of calorie, total calories required by a person during a day (24 hours) will be reckoned by total calories, obtained from various sources of nutrition. Two persons of the same age, height and workload, would require, different amount of calories because metabolism of each person differs.

You see the words calories & weight loss in the same sentence in many health magazines and articles. This is because the number of calories that your body burns contributes to the rate you loose weight. Many diet programs concentrate on how to have a healthy diet by calculating your calorie intake and finding ways of reducing it. There are also exercise programs that aim to burn body calories to achieve a leaner and more toned body.

Because reducing weight the natural way may take too long before actually seeing the results, many people result to harsher methods. Cosmetic surgeons also became interested in calories & weight loss. There are now many medical procedures that promise to eliminate fats which store calories in order to reduce the size of your waist line.

Nowadays, calories & weight loss also go hand-in-hand when it comes to diet supplements and drinks. Many products that have been introduced in the market claim to have found the safest and most effective ingredients to promote faster burning of the calories in the body, like Slim Spray, for example. Just simply spray it in your mouth to reduce your food cravings.

Some products even claim to contain appetite suppressants to decrease hunger pangs. This, in turn, will cause a decrease in calorie intake as people who use these products tend to eat less. Products like these can be very effective for hastening the effects of weight loss.

Also there are some diet eating plans which concentrate on one aspect of your food intake such as a low fat diet or low carbs but you need to look at the whole of your diet to really be sure your diet eating plan will be successful while still receiving proper nutrition levels. We need to consume all three calorie types, but how much? Now I’m not here to knock any diet plans especially if they have worked for some people, however you don’t only want to loose weight but you need to be able to maintain your newly lighter weight without having to live on the proverbial “lettuce leaves and carrots”.

Another important thing you also need to consider apart from calorie intake is your metabolic rate. If this can be increased then this will cause your body to burn more of your body fat. One way to do this is to take exercise, but how much and what kind?

So with all these questions, what you are looking for is a program that shows you how to manage your calories needed per day, breaking these down into the three types, and by rotating your daily calorie intake will help increase your body’s fat burning capability, plus a guide to the right amount and type of exercise that will help increase your metabolic rate which also increases fat burning.

The Role Of Metabolism:

Metabolism is the engine that burns the calories you consume. It is also considered as the scale that controls your energy needs.

Let’s make the explanation simpler to understand-Metabolism is the process by which your body transforms food into energy. In the course of this biochemical progression, calories are combined with oxygen to liberate the energy your body needs to function.

The number of calories your body burns on a daily basis is called “total energy expenditure.” There are three core factors that form your total energy expenditure. These factors include food processing, such as digesting, absorbing, transporting, and storing the food you consume; basic needs; and physical activity.

It is then quite obvious that in order to lose weight you will need to reduce the amount of calorie intakes. Many factors influence calorie prerequisites, including age, body size, composition, and gender.

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As you may know, as you age, your metabolism slows down, and the amount of muscle tends to reduce and fat accounts for more of your weight. Also, a bigger body mass requires more calories, whilst a smaller body mass needs less energy.

Hence, the more muscle you develop in relation to fat, the higher your basal metabolic rate. Men more often than not, have less body fat and more muscle than do women of the same weight or age. This explains why it is easier for men to burn more calories than women do, and expose higher basal metabolic rate.