Calories in Alcohol – Why Alcohol Can Have an effect on Your Weight

Ever wondered how a lot of calories are in your favourite alcoholic drinks? We have matched the calorie content material of alcoholic drinks with a fatty meals equivalent and uncovered some shocking results.

Surprisingly, numerous folks would not be capable to inform you how a lot of calories are in their drinks, and current NHS investigation surely surprised a lot of by highlighting that alcoholic drinks usually include as numerous calories as an unhealthy meal.

Below are some of the a lot more surprising calorie comparisons.

Beer &amp cider

The typical beer drinker consumes five pints of medium strength lager a week, which mounts up to about 44,200 calories a year – the equivalent of 221 doughnuts.

One pint of robust lager = 330 calories. Very same as a four ounce fillet steak.

1 pint of typical strength lager = 200 calories. Very same as one packet of crisps.

One pint of premium lager = 250 calories. Identical as a modest chocolate bar.
One pint of cider = 200 calories. Same as one fried chicken drumstick.


If they do not perform off the calories from their wine, the typical wine drinker will put on half a stone per year.

The average wine drinker now consumes two,000 extra calories a month – the equivalent of ten bags of crisps
Big glass of medium strength dry white wine = 190 calories. Same as two and a half digestive biscuits.

Bottle of medium strength dry white wine = 570 calories. Identical as chicken with cashew nuts and egg fried rice.

A bottle of typical strength red wine = 644 calories. Same as 14 Jaffa cakes or McDonald’s cheeseburger and medium fries.

Half a bottle of typical strength red wine = 313 calories. Exact same as a Snickers chocolate bar.


A single shot (25ml) of vodka or gin = 55 calories. Same as a 25ml serving of single cream

Big Bailey’s (100ml) = 320 calories. Same as a Snickers Bar.
Baring in thoughts that these comparisons only factor in 1 alcoholic drink, adding up a total at the finish of an evening could leave you clocking up as many calories as a multi-pack of chocolate bars or crisps.

Snack attack

Snacking on crisps even though you are out drinking to tide you over till you get home is all as well tempting, and combining this with a drink puts you well on your way to 500 calories – a fifth of the 2500 recommended everyday calorie intake for males, and a quarter of a woman’s. Right after a couple far more drinks and perhaps a take away on the home, you’re way more than the advisable calorie intake.

Burn child, burn

If you are beginning to feel like you can by no means drink again with out worrying about the calorie content material of your drinks, there is a resolution. Preparing your physique for the evening ahead by working out will support burn up some of the further calories you are about to consume – even if it’s just a power walk to the pub. Failing that, a excellent exercising session the subsequent day can genuinely aid.

In the bag

Arranging ahead a tiny can assist avoid you reaching for the pork scratchings. Try packing a handful of healthier snacks in your bag beforehand. No doubt you’ll locate yourself chatting outdoors the pub at some point, which gives you the perfect chance to have a nibble.

It is what is on the inside that counts

Alcohol and calories have been dominating the news stories not too long ago, which highlights that it really is high on people’s list of concerns when they consider about the effects of alcohol.

With this becoming at the forefront of people’s minds when they order a drink, there is a danger that a lot more dangerous effects of alcohol, such as damaging organs like the heart and liver may be pushed aside. Stay informed of the effect of alcohol by visiting our well being information region.
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