Camera Crew Hire

Camera crew hire is very important, Directors are not supermen you know and if you want the best possible result to your video project you will need enough crew to handle the many different factors of any video production, from Sound recording to Wardrobe to Catering to Post Production, camera crew hire is the most crucial part to any shoot.

When we’re on set there are a million things coming at you all at once, so you have to find a crew you can trust with confidence to accomplish the task at hand. Are you going to operate the camera or is somebody else? Can that person read your mind? Do they know what you’re talking about? Do they take direction well? If someone else is operating your camera, they could potentially mess up your entire video if they’re not capturing the shots you want. So make sure that the camera op and you have incredibly good communication and they truly understand the vision and direction you want to take.

Who is your assistant director? If you’re the director and you’re working with the actors, you don’t want to have to be the one that has to push everybody along because time is running short. And although we don’t really yell a lot on our set, there does come a time when things have to be pushed and moved. So make sure you have a good strong AD, somebody that is personable but firm and can manage the set for you while making sure you’re meeting the deadlines. They primarily should make sure your camera crews are where they need to be, and your actors are where they need to be and keeps everything flowing smooth through out the day.

Catering! Be sure you think about catering. Are you going to feed your actors or are they going to feed themselves? At the very least try and provide water if you can. Also facilities, are there places to go to the lavatory or an area for the hair and make up? There are many parameters to think about when it comes to camera crew hire the food is a great way to lift everyone’s spirits halfway through a long day.

There are two very important people in any camera crew, one is your Gaffer / Lighting Engineer, its pretty integral you have somebody that knows how to set up and use lighting. If you can’t afford somebody, research all you can on the Internet, go to the library, study lighting as much as you can. We’re in a rush to get that movie done but if you learn as much as possible about lighting it’s going to help you out immensely.

Another very important thing to think about in any camera crew hire is sound and the Sound Recordist. They are someone who can record clean and professional sound and doesn’t bang the cable around and makes sure they are watching their shadows don’t get in shot. Most importantly, talk to your crew, remember you’re a crew and this is a job. It’s not social hour for us. Actors have the luxury when you yell cut they get to go and socialize with the other actors, but as a crew we’re moving stuff, we’re setting up shots, we’re keeping things rolling. You have to talk to your crew and make sure they understand that as much as we would love to socialize and get to know all of these actors, we are working and we need to stay very focused. That’s going to help you keep to your time frame and stay within budget. I hope this article has given you some things to consider the next time you look to camera crew hire.

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