Can an SEO Company Help You Rank Top 10 on Google, Yahoo, And Bing?

Every day we see SEO Companies promoting guaranteed top 10 listing on major search engines. While it is very tempting to go with them and buy their SEO services, one question does arise which is whether they can actually deliver what they promise.

While you can find an SEO Company that is very much able to do what they say, there are companies who are just full of promises and won’t be able to deliver what they promise. All depends on how long they have been in the business doing SEO and ho is their reputation.

There is nothing wrong going with an SEO Company and buy their SEO services for guaranteed top 10 ranking. You however need to make certain that there are some accountability. What happens if your site is not ranking top 10 after the promised time? Do they offer full refund? Partial refund? Or they just keep working till your site ranks. After all time is money and if an SEO Company promise 3 months to rank your site, they cannot be working for 6 or 9 months to get you that ranking.

If you are signing up for a guaranteed ranking agreement, then it needs to be in the contract or an agreement stating so. Make sure the agreement clearly states the terms and condition including the ranking position they guarantee and the timeframe. Make sure you read all the fine print and pay special attention to what would happen if your site is not there after the promised time.

Don’t get discouraged thinking that no one can rank you top 10 on major search engines. There are plenty of SEO Companies out there who are able to provide that type of SEO Services; you just need to watch out for the bad apples.

Always do a little research about the company in question. Trey to see whether they rank top 10 for their targeted term(s) or not as it would be a good indicator of their SEO expertise. Try to find some client review reviewing their services which will give you an idea what real life clients think about their SEO services. Also see how many backlinks they have as link building is a major part of off-page optimization.

If you are still in doubt, it doesn’t hurt to send them an email asking whatever question you have. See what type of response time they have and whether the response you get is some crappy copy cat canned response or personalized answer by real people. Response time and level of communication skill is something that will give you a pretty good indication about their existence and seriousness. So called SEO companies run by high school kids out of their parent’s attic may not have the professionalism you would be expecting from an organized SEO Company

If you get a good feeling about the company you are researching but not 100% sure what they can deliver, try a small package of SEO services to test the quality and response time. If you find the initial small order satisfactory, you can outsource your entire link building campaign to them.

Good Luck.