Can Eating Actually Damage Your Teeth?

We often think about the foods that we put into our mouths in relation to losing weight, but have you ever thought about the types of foods that you eat in relation to your teeth?

We all want to have beautiful looking teeth, and most people brush their teeth at least twice a day. But it seems like no matter what you do your teeth are getting worse and worse. You visit your dentist only to hear that you have yet another cavity, or you may even find that your teeth are becoming more and more stained. You cant think of anything that youre doing to cause the damage, but did you realize that some of the foods that you eat or drink can actually cause damage to your teeth?

Eating and Drinking The Wrong Foods

There are many foods that are great for your teeth, like carrots. Carrots can exercise your jaw and can also help to keep your teeth white as well. But just as there are many good foods for your teeth, there are many bad foods for your teeth as well. Take dark sodas. Dark sodas, teas, and coffee can stain our teeth very quickly, and if you have more than one or two cups of the stuff in a day, youre well on your way to getting stained teeth, even if you brush at least twice a day. Red meats can also cause staining on the teeth, if theyre cooked rare enough, and there are many foods that can do the same. So what types of foods should you eat? Stick with foods that are lighter in color. If, for instance, you must have soda, try going with a soda that is clear. If you must have darker drinks, try using a straw so that you can bypass your teeth.

But those lozenges that youre sucking when you have a sore throat cant do any harm, and neither can the antacid that keeps the pain away, can they? Actually, they can. These types of things actually have a great deal of sugar in them, and the more sugar you put in your mouth, the more at risk you are of getting things like cavities. Breath mints and cough drops have a lot of sugar in them so that people will want to suck on them and will purchase them. How many of these things do you put in your mouth every day?

If youre trying to avoid cavities, and to avoid having to seek out a mercury free dentist, make sure that you stay as far away from things that blatantly have sugar in them like these types of things. Look at the label before you purchase the product and look for ingredients that are basically sugar, such as dextrose or sucrose. You should be able to find things like cough drops or breath mints that do not have sugar, or have a very low amount of sugar, in them.

The foods and drinks that you put in your mouth all affect your teeth, so before you have to visit the dentist in pain from a cavity, or from something worse, make sure you know what types of foods are good for your teeth, and which ones simply arent.