Can My Ex and I Be Just Friends?

Oftentimes when a relationship ends, there is (at least initially) a lot of bitterness and hurt feelings between one or both of you. Unfortunately, rarely does a relationship continue on a “friends” basis. But it can happen so you and your ex can still be just friends.

There can be several reasons for a friendship to continue after a relationship. Maybe you have mutual friends (which might be how you met originally) or maybe you work in the same office and come in contact throughout the day. You attend the same gym, church, club, etc. Or maybe you just like each others company but the relationship itself just burned itself out. The question is: “Can you and your ex just be friends?”. The only way that it will work for both of you is that you are completely honest (I didn’t say brutally honest) and make sure neither one of you have any lingering feelings for each other. If one of you is only maintaining the relationship with the idea of maybe getting back together while the other has no interest in doing that, it will become uncomfortable for you and anyone around you.

One of the ways to stay connected without crossing the line, is to reestablish the life that you had before you met your ex. Remember the places that you went to and the things that you did before? Do those things again. Hang out with friends including those you have lost touch with. Use this for “me” time for awhile before you see your ex again. It will give you a chance to feel stronger and more self-assured so that when you see your ex you will be in a more relaxed and comfortable place and then you will realize that yes, you and your can be just friends.