Can police supply items help in saving officers from the daily dangers they face?

In some respects if you look at published figures of police officer deaths in the line of duty, numbers have come down. Does that mean their job is now less fraught with danger? On the contrary, their jobs are more dangerous but the police supply kit they have at their disposal is saving lives. Not only that fatality is less common as EMT teams respond quicker and have far more medical equipment on hand than ever before. Therefore, although there is possibly a drop in numbers of officers killed as opposed to say the 70’s and 80’s, the danger is ever more present.

police supply body armour has saved countless lives over the years and according to Ron McBride of the DuPont/IACP Survivors Club, 3,112 law enforcement officers have been saved by body armour since they started recording such things back in 1975. That is a lot of saved lives and it’s all down to items of police supply equipment. The streets today are far more dangerous and the criminal fraternity has more weapons and uses far more aggressive tactics than before. Gangs are more prevalent on the streets and these pose more of a threat than a single assailant does.

There is no doubt the police officers face death daily, and that is something that is both scary for them and us the public. The high death rate among officer’s puts off recruits, and the sensational headlines we read and see daily do nothing to help recruitment either. What our officers need is the best police supply equipment money can buy. Without the police supply items the officers are fighting an already losing battle with felons and criminals. Sadly the felons are often a step ahead and employ an ever-greater range of more powerful weapons.

Technological advances in police supply are ever advancing, but no concealable body armour will protect from say a rifle shot. Some felons actively seek out officers with the intent to kill them. If that sounds a little far fetched then remember the shooting of four officers in Lakewood Washington in 2009. There is little that can protect an officer against such incredibly cold, calculated attack. Whilst those kinds of incidents are rare, it does show that officers are being targeted by some of those in the criminal fraternity.

Tactical duty vests that are stab and bulletproof offer great protection. An officer with police supply that runs to a tasers is less likely to be targeted as they have the additional protection. The sidearm, baton and pepper sprays also act as deterrents but all will range in effectiveness. A well-equipped officer can be greatly protected against normal everyday things they come up on during their shift. Police are highly trained both in the use of their police supply gear and tactically, these go hand in hand in saving them from the worst their job has to offer.

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