Can You Really Build Solar Panels at Home?

With power and energy costs on an upward spiral, it is no wonder that many people are now evaluating the environmentally friendly solar power option, but is this too big a task for a do-it-yourself project?

Before we investigate this exciting concept, lets think for a moment of the reasons that one could consider for going solar. The new “green” revolution is an obvious thought, and of course many of us will also look at the possibility of saving money on high energy bills as a primary factor for utilizing solar panels. If we can save both money and the environment it would truly be a win/win situation as solar power can be harnessed to power both your home and its appliances. Remember, the sun provides energy that is not only free but also clean.

The first thing that I suggest before attempting this as a do it yourself project is to ascertain the cost of having a system supplied and installed professionally. Believe me, it will be quite expensive and may be just the motivation you need to get a project of your own underway. Although the oil price has come back from the recent highs, be assured that these levels will be reached again so there is really no excuse for not going solar now. Incidentally, in Australia and many other countries, systems are in place whereby power produced in excess of your needs can be sold back to the energy companies.

The internet provides a vast resource for all topics and do it yourself solar paneling is no exception. From my research, it seems that a handyman of average ability can build solar panels at home without any exotic tools for up to one tenth the cost of professionally built systems… I am sure you are interested now! The guides that are available are quite comprehensive and contain detailed construction guides with easy to follow diagrams and even videos.

After deciding on an appropriate plan of action, you will find that most materials needed for the project are available locally, such as timber and copper wire. It may be necessary to look further afield for the solar cells, but they are readily available on the internet. I would recommend starting with the manufacture of say a 100 watt solar panel which is just right for operating home appliances.

Solar power is our future and you should be part of it. The satisfaction of doing your bit to save our planet and the added bonus of more affordable electricity bills are just two of the rewards gained from installation of solar panels in your home.