Candida Cleanse Diet – Find Out the Right Foods to Eat in an Anti-candida Diet!

Candida cleanse diet is one of the most important steps in curing candida for good and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Most of the people believe it is enough to just eliminate sugar and gluten foods from your diet to kill the yeast fungus. This is plainly wrong and you will not see many results with it.

Also it is not true the other extreme, that you are allowed to eat anything and that you will starve to death. There are foods which you are allowed to eat in an anti-candida diet and foods which you will have to cut them back for a while ( at least three months or until you see any kind of positive results). Also, you should know that a diet for candida is an important step in healing yeast infection, but is not enough.

There are certain foods which you should completely eliminate from your diet. Sugar feeds the fungus yeast in your body. Hence, you are not allowed to eat anything containing sugar ( including honey and artificial sweeteners). Other foods that make you harm are those containing yeast, gluten, red meat, dried fruits, fruits for the first month of treatment, dairy products, coffee and alcohol.

Maybe are you asking if you are allowed to eat anything? The good news is that you can eat plenty of foods high in protein and natural fats. The fresh vegetables are a must for this type of diet. You should eat fish instead of red meat. You can eat meat only if it is organic. This is due to antibiotics that are found in normal meat which will do you no good.

You can eat cottage cheese if you need dairy products. Also beans ad other pulses are very high in protein and a good alternative for your diet. The white bread can be replaced with whole grain one. You should avoid tap water as it contains traces of antibiotics and fizzy drinks. Herbal teas are fine. Also, including anti-fungal herbs and garlic can increase your chances of getting rid of yeast infection.