Candlestick Crash Course – Floor Trading Secrets Revealed

Have you ever turned on the TV to see the most recent market update directly from the floor? All the activity and commotion of the floor can look a bit confusing.

But the reality is that the same guys screaming and waving their hands wildly are the same guys that know exactly what the market is doing. They are screaming and yelling because they want to get into trades and make easy money.

Have you ever wanted to know what they were doing? What they are looking at? What they see that you don’t?

Well now you can, with CandleStick Crash Course.

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No matter your level of trading experience, no matter what current system you are using, no matter how much money you might be making trading, this new video course will expose inside secrets you have never seen before, directly from the floor of some of the top traders in the world.

The team at TraderAmmo has taken some of the most popular Floor Trading methods and transformed them into easy to follow trades that you can do from home, off any computer, using practically any trading software.

==> Visit Candlestick Crash Course Official Website

Remember these tactics can be applied to any type market, whether it be Stocks, Bonds, Futures, or Forex.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to see some incredible inside trading secrets.

If you sign up today, you will qualify to win a Free course, full of over 30 Educational videos, and 2 great proprietary tools used by professional traders every day.

Candle Stick Crash Course is a full length course on how to implement the popular CandleStick Charts into your everyday trading.

The course will fully educate you on everything you need to know about this favorite trading methodology.

The course will cover the following topics:

* Intro – Preparing for the trading day

* Technical Analysis – What does and does not work

* Candlestick Charts – A Basic Overview of how to read them

* Types Of Candlestick – Most effective patterns

* Entry Signals – The most effective entry signals

* Continuation Patterns – How to find strong trends

* Reversal Patterns – How to spot reversal patterns

* Exit Signals – When to get out

* Filtering – How to spot traps, false signals

* Time Frames – Which ones work best and when

Inside you will find over 30 Full length videos covering these and many more topics. You will see live examples of winning trades, setups, and exit strategies.

==> Visit Candlestick Crash Course Official Website

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