Canine Protection – Your Best Bet For Home Security

There’s no question that protecting your home and your family is top priority for all people of all walks of life. While it’s best to think positively in terms of your family’s safety, too many people are naive to the reality of dangers that face them. We’ve all heard it before; “It will never happen to us,” or “We live in a safe neighbourhood.” These people shroud themselves in false illusions of safety. Likewise, just as many people wish to take preventative measures against crime and burglary, but aren’t sure which method is best for them and their family.

There are many options for protecting your home and your family from unlawful intrusion. Locks are, by far, the most common, and the least effective. Higher quality locks can help, but a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. In your home, that link could be a window, the garage, or any number of other entry points. Home security systems are another common measure, but it’s important to remember that while an alarm will alert you and police of unlawful entry, it will do nothing to protect you and your family. Security guards are also an option, but being limited to nightly patrols leaves windows of opportunity for criminals. Owning a gun is perhaps the worst option. If you care about your family’s safety, you keep your gun in a locked compartment, away from your children’s hands, and separate from your ammunition. In the time it could take you to retrieve your gun, retrieve your ammunition and load the gun, it would simply be too late.

While all of these methods offer their own benefits, they all leave out one key factor: solid 24-hour protection from harm. A fully trained protection dog will fill this gap. Your TV can be replaced, but human lives cannot. A lock will not disarm a criminal, and your alarm system will not stop a bullet or a knife. It is rare that a burglar’s intention is to cause you physical harm, but the fact that some of these criminals carry weapons with them are a clear indicator that they are prepared to do so. Protection dogs act like 24-7 body-guards for your home and your family. A dog’s keen senses will alert it to the presence of an intruder long before the intruder senses the dog. The dog’s bark will alert you of danger, as well as help dissuade the intruder. Finally, a fully trained personal protection dog is able to detect the presence of a weapon, attack the intruder’s weapon-arm, disarm the intruder, and most importantly, give you and your family time to seek shelter until police arrive. Short of hiring the Secret Service, you’re not going to get that kind of protection from anything else.