Canning Industry: Domestic Exports It Is Not Ice-breaking Emergency – Canned – Food Industry

Industry with respect, has entered the reshuffle of the current industry, there will be some companies Financial Crisis falls

News tips: a financial crisis appears to have sent to each sector of the “Health Check” of the opportunity to pre-crisis boom is gradually being swallowed by the foam, cover up the problems before the crisis were gradually being expanded. Canned food industry for many years due to lower technical threshold, blind expansion of production capacity, and high dependence on foreign markets is also due to the crisis was put on the urgent need for the industry think the schedule. Stimulating domestic demand to become current emergency Spirit, many industries, however, the domestic export sector is not so easy, at least for the canned food industry it is.

“Industry has stood on the threshold, enterprises are gradually Scatter, a group of foundation is good, can in strict accordance with international Food Safety Standard production products, large enterprises may be in a crisis bigger foothold and gradually, there are a number of irregularities in SMEs will fall during the crisis, which is the industry reshuffle two years period. “Can Industry Association, Zhejiang Province, WU Yong-Jin has said in an interview. As a director, WU Yong-Jin concerned about the development trend of the industry, in addition, he has another identity, Zhejiang Huangyan Canned chairman of a factory, as a company boss, he is more upper center of market dynamics.

Export solid red next year, canned food exports continued to decline, statistics show that 1 in May, citrus Canned fruit Exported 139,600 tons, the amount of 1.16 U.S. dollars, down 22% year on year respectively and 17.6%, and other canned fruit exports to a lesser extent, but showed downward trend, canned pear exports from 1 to 25,700 tons in May, the amount of 24.03 million U.S. dollars, up respectively down 6.4%% and 8.3%. Canned peach exports of 45,500 tons, the amount of 45.96 million U.S. dollars, decreased by 7.1% year on year and up 2.3%. In the interview, the reporter noted that, in addition to canned fruits, vegetables, canned meat exports have shown a certain level and amount of decline, such as canned chicken 1 to export 288 tons in May, the amount of 620,000 U.S. dollars, were down year on year 36.5% and 25.1%, white mushrooms (Yang mushrooms) 1 can export 9.9751 million tons in May, the amount of 1.1 billion U.S. dollars, up down 5 .. 6% respectively and 57.5%, while canned tomatoes under the overall environment is poor maintain the growth of the few canned varieties, the first 5 months, China’s exports 2376 tons of tomato cans, the amount of 1.94 million U.S. dollars, was up 1.2% year on year and 12.7%. “Orders from the actual amount, European Union, Russia Orders are dropped, although the state has adjusted the export tax rebate rate can improve by 2 percentage points, but the moment there is no single company faces the problem can be accessed, with preferential policies are not market. But in any case, more than 2 points of profit, for business or are very helpful, and now we export prices in the second half of the time to do this part of the tax return will be taken into account. “

Even so, the industry still believe that this is not the most difficult period, exports can be more difficult next year. Zhejiang New Century Food Co., Ltd. and New Century Food Co., Ltd. Hubei, chairman of package Zuhong recent interview, said: “As the market this year, the flow of canned citrus Raw material Citrus yield in the last year and acquired under the maggot orange storm, as prices of raw materials was low, so the current export price of canned allow enterprises to make a profit, but this year the price of raw materials can not be as cheap prices next year, if uncontrolled, China’s citrus can be difficult to enter the EU and other markets. “

The end of the EU anti-dumping my orange can make a final ruling, 16 Cooperation Chinese enterprises were 361.4 euros / ton to 531.2 euros / ton, respectively rates, the national average rate of 531.2 euros / ton. To do this, because I am dissatisfied with the EU anti-dumping orange can make a final ruling, including Zuhong on March 23 this year, the EU Court of First Instance to the European Commission submitted to me on the orange anti-dumping cases can defend the unjust prosecution of the award. “Placed on file since the case has no new progress, now it’s canned citrus export volume and price is relatively stable, but exports to the EU under a certain influence.” Package Zuhong said.

Green bombs explode at any time the problems accumulated for years in many sectors of the financial crisis erupted after the advent of progressive, present many companies crumbling in a crisis, but even more WU Yong-Jin concern is that the international Green. BOLA TANGKAS