Canon Powershot Digital Cameras Review – A Buyer’s Choice

As a person interested in purchasing a small, fuss-free, intuitive,easy-to-carry, good looking digital camera that would help me take great pictures and high quality videos that I could easily post to the internet in various sizes, I finally decided on one of the handheld Canon powershot digital cameras. In fact, I splurged just a little to get the powershot SD960 IS Digital Elph with an 8 gigabyte memory card.

I looked at many other cameras like the Kodaks, and Olympus, the Nikon series and a few others. It’s amazing how similar most of these cameras seem to be in terms of features and picture-quality. I knew from the beginning of my search that I shouldn’t be expecting very many of the same capabilities and flexibility of an SLR digital camera.

My sites were set on the requirements I listed at the beginning of this article; especially the easy-to-carry feature. One of the other important features for me was reaction time of the camera. How fast does the camera prepare to take pictures? I have used older camera models that react so slowly after I press the power button that I often wondered if the camera was working or the battery was low.

I am happy to report in this digital camera review that the Canon SD960 IS in the digital powershot Elph series has met all my expectations. I really like the long-life lithium battery pack and charger and the ease with which I can remove the battery and charge it by plugging it in the wall. The camera is small and easy to carry. It’s also a great-looking camera.  The pictures and movies it takes meet all my expectations.

Perhaps the one thing that really make this camera different from the many others on the market besides the quality of the pictures I get from it is its fast intuitive control interface. It kind of threw me off balance for awhile since I was used to fiddling around with the buttons and controls on other cameras to get them to do what

I wanted to do. This camera has a simple switch located on the top of the camera that allows me to switch between taking pictures manually with all the usual and unusual special effects that come built into cameras like this or letting the camera take care of the settings with the green auto setting or (and I really like this) switching to video mode.

Other Canon powershot digital cameras I looked at didn’t have image stability functionality built in. The SD960 IS did so during video shots, I don’t get results that jump and shake up and down. It’s a nice feature that for sure will be standard on most cameras like this in the future. 

The one weakness of the camera is its average zooming capability. I like its spring-action ring that surrounds the big take picture button. It allows me to zoom in or out but took me a little practice to get good at it. The viewscreen is clear and easy to see and the camera has a great function set that is easy to access. The user interface brings the power of the camera to the user. I haven’t used all the features and functions in this digital camera. I just haven’t had time. I just want to be able to switch it to video on the fly to capture interesting or funny moments to share with others or to take great still photos.

Simplicity in styling, functionality and ease of use make the Canon powershot digital cameras popular, and in my opinion, one of the best is the Powershot SD960 IS Digital Elph. I paid $ 410 for it,the 8 gigabyte memory card and a warranty but I don’t have any buyers’ remorse. It’s very easy to run and autoinstall the software cd that comes with the camera. It works like a charm in making it easy to save and upload my pictures and videos and that was what I was looking for.