Car Accessories to Make Your Car Safe, Convenient and Comfortable

There are many ways in which people can customise their car, you may have seen a street racing car in your area or on the big screen in films such as Fast and Furious. A lot of the modifications seen in these films are actually illegal for street driven cars in the UK, or at the very least hike your insurance premiums up by a considerable amount.

There are some modifications though that are not only legal but can make your car safer or more comfortable to drive in. A lot of drivers will make some common improvements such as installing a better after-market CD player or MP3 player so that they can listen to their own music rather than the radio. There are other benefits such as getting better sound out of your car and being able to add rear speakers or upgrade them to better quality models.

There are other ways to improve the comfort of your car such as altering the seats, some people will take out the stock seats and replace them with more comfortable models but you should take care to ensure that your new seats are installed correctly by a qualified professional.

As well as making your car more comfortable there are features that can make your car easier to use, features like Satnavs can make driving in strange places much easier as the instructions are read out to you and rear parking cameras or sensors can make parallel parking or parking in a bay much easier and help you avoid any knocks or scrapes.

Making sure you and your car are safe is also important, some older cars may only have an immobiliser and no alarm, getting an alarm fitted serves two purposes: One, you will obviously deter thieves from breaking into your car and two, getting a Thatcham approved car alarm should bring your car insurance premiums down too. So safety can actually help you reduce your motoring costs which many motorists are always on the lookout for.

If you have a child, another feature that can help ensure safety is a children’s car seat, even if they are too big for a car seat it is still recommended that children use a booster seat or cushion until they are big enough to sit in a regular car seat with the seatbelt in the correct position. This can be until the child reaches 11 years or more in some cases, this should ensure that if an accident were to happen then the child will not come to any harm due to the seatbelt.

There are many car accessories and gadgets available at your local motoring store or online, if any of them take your fancy then make sure you fit them correctly and ask for help if you are unsure whether they are legal and safe to use with your car as all cars are different.

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