Caring For Your Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are the kind of cat that is very loyal, intelligent and gentle. They are even considered as royalty during ancient times due to its blue eyes and triangular or apple shaped face. If you are interested to take care of one, the first thing you should do is to find a responsible breeder. This will ensure that the cat is in good health and does not have feline leukemia virus or feline immunodeficiency virus. 

They can cost to around $ 200 to $ 500. When you have found a Siamese cat of your choice, make sure that you hold it to check for good muscle tone. Also, make sure that the feline is not sneezing or sniffling or that the eyes have no discharge and that the ears are clean and pink inside.  
You should consider the fur of the animal. Siamese cats have short and smooth fur and have no bald patches or signs of dry or flaky skin. You should also check for fleas. They are usually found behind the ears and at the base of the tail. You can look for black sand on the animal as this is flea dirt and is a sure sign that the cat has fleas. 
When you have chosen one, be sure that you get a written sales agreement from the breeder that provides the breeder’s health guarantee. You should also take the cat to the veterinarian as soon as you can to ensure that it is healthy. You also need to have a good veterinarian for your pet and know where the nearest emergency pet hospital in case the cat gets sick after hours. 
You must also make sure that if you are buying a kitten, it should be not younger than 12 weeks of age. Plan to keep the animal inside and get it neutered or sprayed at around 5 months. They can go into heat quite young. This is the best way to keep it happy and disease free. It also helps prolong their lives. 
Like all pets, you also need to keep your cat clean, give it cool water and food. You can pick a dry food or can food that is nutritional and made for you cats specific needs. If you have a kitten, you should pick a kitten food. To keep them away from disease, you should also clean you cats litter box regularly.
Siamese cats are affectionate and social animals. They are good with children and adults. However, they demand to be entertained but they will also keep you happy in return. Take note that they are the type of animal that likes to climb to high places in your home. They can also be loud as they like to talk and they have harsh voices. 
You must also know that they thrive on human interaction. Thus, if you are rarely home, having this breed of cat may not be good for you or the Siamese cats. They require time to play with you and enjoy catnip and cat toys.