Cat Health and Cat Water – Is Your Cat Thirsty?

If you notice your cat drinking water from the bathroom sink or out of the toilet, never get angry with her. She merely is showing you how much she enjoys fresh, cool water. Probably you are the naughty 1, not supplying sufficient fresh water for her on a everyday basis. Your cat’s nutrition and cat water availability have a key role in her overall overall health.

You want to be certain your cat’s nutritional requirements are met and cat water is frequently left out of this equation. You verify the cat food labels, creating confident meat protein is the very first factor on the list – not all corn or soy meal. But are you as concerned with how much water your cat drinks every day?

To be sure, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and taurine are vital to your cat’s well being, but do not be satisfied that you’ve supplied her a sound nutritional framework with just cat meals. The 1 ingredient that doesn’t have to be listed in the components label is the most critical a single of all. Water.

Consider about it. You can live for years with insufficient calcium in your diet regime ahead of displaying any clinical indicators of calcium deficiency. Attempt going without water for a couple of days and you are in large difficulty.

Your Cat’s Overall health and Cat Water Intake

Your cat’s body can not procedure all those vitamins and amino acids just by swallowing a cup of cat chow. Water acts as a solvent and support dissolve these chemical compounds in order for your cat to advantage. Nutrients cannot be digested and brought into the cells…waste cannot get transported out of the physique…your cat’s temperature cannot be controlled due to the fact the heat his body generates is not dissipated…his organs commence to fail.

When your cat doesn’t drink adequate water his body attempts to conserve what fluids it has in it already. He doesn’t urinate or remove stool. His body is dying even though trying to conserve his water sources.

Feline urinary tract difficulties, cat bladder stones and kidney issues are usually linked to poor water intake. So nutrition and cat water are extremely significantly linked with each other.

How Significantly Water?

Your domestic cat’s ancestry goes way back and originates in the wild African desert. The wild cat’s body adapted to the dry, arid climate. That doesn’t imply your cat wants significantly less water than a dog. Your cat’s water requirements rely on aspects like: activity level, age, environmental conditions and air temperature.

The rule of thumb is to estimate one milliliter of water for each food calorie consumed. For an adult cat, this signifies about 250 – 350 ml every single day or 9 – 12 fluid ounces.

Depending on your cats diet plan, he could get a portion of this every day requirement from canned cat food. Canned cat meals normally consists of 78% water. A six ounce can of cat food might give 130 ml of water. So if you cat eats canned cat food, he requires much less supplemental water. Even so, dry meals includes a lot much less water so your cat’s water intake must be far more.