Catarrh – Symptoms Remedies and Cures

Mucus from cells lining our inner nose and sinuses produce mucus which is a central part of our bodily functions. This is considering that mucus helps to capture bacteria along with viruses which in turn, are passed into our gut and excreted as opposed to being allowed into our airways where they can cause a further infection. Issues do arise however when we produce far too much mucus or where the mucus becomes too thick.

The generation of the mucus is frequently connected to central heating systems or a bacterial infection. In comparison, the manufacture of large amounts of thin mucus is typically a result of an allergy or viral infection. It can also be the result of some medicines including the contraceptive pill.

Attempting to treat the symptoms of catarrh is not a straightforward process. Individuals frequently turn to decongestants, which can help to alleviate symptoms in the short term however your body starts to become accustomed to the ingredients within them leading to you developing far worse symptoms. Steam inhalation with the addition of menthol is a good and effective way to clear catarrh should you have a cold. As discussed above, some catarrh-based problems may be linked to an allergy, therefore talk to your doctor or medical practitioner who may advise the course of antihistamines or over-the-counter nasal sprays.

It is worth considering that a significant amount of people have discovered their consumption of dairy products impacts how severe there catarrh symptoms are. If you suspect your consumption of dairy products is the cause of your catarrh problems then try removing dairy products for a few weeks to see if it makes any difference. Should your symptoms improve gradually reintroduce dairy to ensure it is not simply a coincidence. Should the symptoms return you will have identified the problem and can take appropriate measures to permanently reduce your dairy intake. If you decide to take this route however make sure you consult with your doctor or dietician prior to cutting out dairy foods completely, given you will need to replace some of the valuable nutrients dairy products provide.