Cctv Food Part Ding Huaidong: Cultural Refueling For The Microwave Oven – The Country The United

2007 12 15, Microwave ovens Giant Glanz And States United States
A “joint promotion of microwave culture
Service Chinese families “as the theme, held in Beijing Gome store grand Eagle” 2008 microwave Day “ceremony.

HC Home Appliances Trade channels in the entire process of the conference
Photo Live. The following is the central
TV station “U.S. Food-off,” producer Dinghuai Dong speech at the meeting.
Click to enter Photo live topic: United States United States to build Galanz microwave Festival 2008

Distinguished leaders, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen:
You! Very glad to meet with you, though cold winter in Beijing, but also the most beautiful. Today I am honored on behalf of CCTV, to witness this from our C

CT V, Glanz and strong combination of GOME
Cooperation Microwave cultural event. CCTV “Gourmet America off” producer Ding Huaidong
Event brought the leading microwave, people naturally think of Galanz. Although the microwave oven has 60 years of civilization, Glanz has participated in the course of 15 years which, in fact, it is Galanz participation decade, so initially as a high

Luxury Microwave oven, to affordable entry into the millions of ordinary people at home, and now, Galanz microwave occupy half of the world, more than 200 countries and regions people are using it, and good reputation, this is our Chinese enterprises, Chinese-made pride. Therefore, we think, “2008 Microwave Festival” Galanz this industry benchmark for companies to take the lead in launching the world, is the most suitable.

Glanz is with us for many years an old friend, is the Chinese Jin Yi microwave oven with a large user base, it gave birth to the CCTV, “U.S. Food-off Three

Dining table “Large pod of Food Arts section. 2006, Glanz and CCTV on a strategic alliance to create a prime-time thing as a program” delicious Chinese. Three table “, 2007” delicious Chinese “was renamed” U.S. Food Three tables off “program, program development has become increasingly diversified and lively, richer content.

Out of their own brands and cooperation between the brand can live in harmony, to have more value-added space considerations, CCTV in the choice of partners is very cautious when, strategic vision and strength of the joint development of our business better strategic partner. Through two years of cooperation, “U.S. Food-off” has become a ratings high thing as a CCTV program, aroused strong repercussions among the audience, each broadcast, we received a large number of viewers can call, letter, there is Many people want learn more about microwave ovens

Make Food knowledge. On the one hand is the strong demand for the audience, on the one hand there is such a solid work-based manufacturer Galanz strong support to the rapid development of our program, closer to the reality of the people

Life , Serving millions of households, a large oven users loyal friend, but also further Galanz brand deeply rooted in

Consumption By heart. Microwave section in 2008 because of the country’s accession to the United States, but also evolve into a “power manufacturers + strong + authoritative media channels,” a new three-strong joint marketing model, I think this is a very strategic attempt. States United States

Electrical Group is one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises, most of China’s home appliance retail brand value brand, with this powerful marketing platform, we can foresee that this event will eventually gain media, suppliers, distribution channels and consumers The multi-win situation.

We also sincerely hope 2008 has a massive microwave oven section of the guided cultural marketing, accompanied by “the U.S. food off the table three of” wider dissemination of microwave food, microwave of value to get the full play, and to Galanz brand more far-reaching.

Finally, I wish, “2008 Microwave Festival” complete success. Thank you!

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