Cctv Suppliers: Cctv Access Control

CCTV Access Control

Video intercom is another form offered by CCTV suppliers where it is monitored through your actual intercom gate station, which is placed at an entrance or a gate of a complex or business.

Video intercom is made easy and useful in the business area to monitor access to gates and front entrances of businesses.

Though it is an embedded CCTV camera and not an external camera, on certain intercom systems, external cameras can be installed.

Mobile CCTV Security

On your mobile CCTV system where your cameras can be hidden on high value transportation or cash up transportation, if the vehicle is hijacked, the perpetrators are identified on the hidden cameras which will make prosecution more efficient.

Covert cameras can also be installed by CCTV suppliers in company vehicles and trucks. The footage and live video feeds can be monitored via satellite through any PC which is directed through an IP address.

Black and white or colour CCTV monitor?

The Black and white is a little more economical and it is sufficient for home use and soft surveillance.

Colour CCTV systems will prove a lot more helpful in the event of criminal prosecution.

Can CCTV cameras be hidden?

Hidden or disguised cameras are called covert cameras and can be disguised as alarm passives or smoke detectors, just to name a few.

Covert cameras are usually used to monitor areas in private investigations or stop theft suspicions.

Different CCTV Systems
There are various different options on systems offered by CCTV suppliers.

Your CCTV can be run through a dedicated PC which has the CCTV software downloaded onto it.

Or you could use a digital video recorder (which is an embedded recorder) which will record all your footage.

The system can run anything from one camera up to four cameras on a basic DVR system. Then you can go from four up to eight, eight to sixteen, to thirty two, etc.

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