Ceiling Fans Add Function and Beauty

Regardless of whether you live in the sweltering heat of the deep south or the frigid tundra of the north, you probably have issues keeping your home heated or cooled. Your basement might be freezing, but you might be sweating when you go to the second level. While it is nearly impossible to get your entire house to be the exact same temperature, you should be able to get fairly close even if your house was built with bungalow craftsman house plans. One tool in your tool belt should be one or more ceiling fans. No matter what problem you’re trying to solve, ceiling fans usually can help. And while they’re essentially the same as they were thirty years ago, there are some new features on some models that are pretty cool.

The basic concept of ceiling fans is pretty timeless. In the warmer months, the ceiling fan is set to blow air downward. This blowing air increases evaporation on the skin of someone below it, giving a cooling perception. In the colder months, the motion of the ceiling fan is reversed. Now, cool air from the lower part of the room is sucked upwards, with the warm air at the top of the room moving downwards to replace it. You didn’t pump any more warm air into your large luxury house plans, but it certainly seems that way. While ceiling fans do take some electricity to run, many feel that the benefits of evening out the air in your house are well worth the cost.

If you live in a really cold area and find even with a ceiling fan there are still parts of your house that are very cold, a special ceiling fan might help. While you should make sure there’s no cold air getting in the house by weatherproofing where you can, there are ceiling fans that actually produce warm air and blow it down into the room. If you have an old, inefficient log home house plan, you might be getting some drafting, but with a blast of warm air and a separate thermostat to control the temperature, this sort of ceiling fan can be a huge plus. Sure, it might not be the most efficient way to heat a room, but if it gets you through a long, cold winter, you probably won’t care!